Tomi Lahren: Roasted to a Crisp on The Daily Show

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Going back to the early days of Jon Stewart's tenure on The Daily Show, the Comedy Central series has served as a venue for open dialogue between the preternaturally witty host and his usually short-tempered conservative counterparts.

Trevor Noah's time on the show hasn't resulted in quite as many instantly viral debates, but the comic's half-hour interview with shrill Confederate-flag-come-to-life Tomi Lahren resulted in one of the most amusing discourses in TDS history last night.

If you're unfamiliar with her work, Lahren is a 24-year-old pundit created in Roger Ailes' angry blonde laboratory.

We assume she's not yet able to pass a Turing test, as instead of making millions railing against Obummer and Killary on Fox News, Lahren is desperately struggling to make a name for herself on The Blaze, which is apparently a cable network.

Tomi Lahren on The Daily Show

Lahren went toe-to-toe with Noah on last night's TDS, and she malfunctioned so badly we assume she'll be headed back to the workshop for Westworld-style reprogramming.

"For someone who's not racist, you have to spend a lot of time saying you're not racist," Noah aptly pointed out at the outset of the interview.

Lahren's internal volume knob instantly went from 11 to 17, as she loudly declared that she "doesn't see color," which is basically the rallying cry of people who have loudly and publicly declared that taco trucks are un-American.

She went on to prattle on about "militant actions" from Black Lives Matter supporters and otherwise brand the movement as a violent terrorist organization because it dares to speak out against the murder of black men by increasingly militarized police forces.

Noah not only held his own, but called out Lahren's hypocrisy at every turn.

("I'm a Millennial; I don't like labels," Lahren hilariously argued at one point, literally using a label to justify her hatred of labels.)

The whole thing is worth a cringe-watch and ought to be enough to at least temporarily quiet Noah's critics and remind Lahren's critics that they were so, so right from the start.

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