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Ivanka and Tiffany are sisters. Their father might only find one of them hot, but they’re both beautiful.

So, politics aside, we can all take a moment to appreciate that they made their "Merry Christmas" video while wearing bikinis.

Nothing shows that you’re in touch with the American people like wearing a bikini in your Christmas video!

In recent weeks, Donald Trump proudly declared that America is saying "Merry Christmas" again.

Obviously, no one in the US has been prevented from saying "Merry Christmas." President Obama said the phrase countless times during his Presidency.

But some folks in Trump’s base recoil at the idea of someone saying "Happy Holidays," because God forbid (literally) that anyone should use inclusive language for the tens of millions of Americans.

("Happy Holidays" includes all holidays, including Christmas and New Years, and therefore almost everybody. When someone says that, it’s because they’re being thoughtful, not forced to at Evil Secular Gunpoint)

So it’s no surprise that when Ivanka and Tiffany Trump decided to record a holiday video, they were very specific about wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

In the video below, you’ll see Tiffany and Ivanka lounging in warmer climes.

(I’ve never understood why someone would waste winter weather by fleeing to the tropics, but whatever)

They both look gorgeous and Tiffany is seriously rocking that bikini.

They’re at the Palm Beach Club, so it’s not like they skated off to Australia.

The song to which they’re listening is reportedly "O Holy Night," which matches the angel wing filter that Tiffany applies to herself and her sister … but which ultimately only decorates her appearance.

Ivanka Trump Says Hi

Of course, it’s only Tiffany Trump who delivers the "Merry Christmas" line.

That might have something to do with Ivanka Trump being Jewish. Which may have made a lot of that Christmas rhetoric even more awkward.

But neither woman can help being Donald Trump’s daughter. No offense to anybody’s beliefs, but we don’t get to choose our parents.

And, though it appears that Ivanka may be complicit in her father’s alleged crimes (her husband, Jared Kushner, almost certainly is), we don’t imagine that she has much actual control over Daddy Dearest. No one does.

So, as problematic as the Trump family may be, you can separate yourself from politics long enough to appreciate a cute little holiday message … right?

Tiffany Trump at Fashion Week

Okay, confession time:

Do you folks remember Tiffany Trump’s single, "Like a Bird," which resurfaced last year?

My confession is that I liked it. It’s not a game-changing song that I can’t live without, but I liked it.

Even if you despise Donald Trump with a fiery intensity — as the majority of Americans do and as an even greater majority of humans do — you can enjoy his least favorite daughter’s song. Or how she looks in a bikini.

It’s possible, we promise.

On the subject of the Trump daughters.

There’s no telling how the Trump legacy will impact his family. We’ve already heard of Tiffany being "bullied" at Fashion Week, and she’s not even involved with the White House.

Trump is hated, but will he end up merely disgraced … or will he end up in prison? How many of his family members will join him? (And which will cut deals to sell him out and save themselves?)

We don’t know.

But whatever happens, does Tiffany — who, aside from her RNC speech, has barely been involved with her father’s putrid political career — deserve the same ire as her adult siblings and her father?

Probably not, folks. Anyway, here’s the video. We promise that it’s harmless.