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You know what they say:

A story is not truly a story until it is discussed on The View.

Okay, we may be the first website to ever actually say that.

But the women of this annoying talk show still sat around on Tuesday morning and took sides in the Kanye West versus Taylor Swift beef.

Late last week, of course, Kanye rekindled a feud that we thought died many years ago, rapping about how he made Swift famous.

Swift didn’t personally respond to this attack… until she won Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards on Monday evening and gave a speech in which she warned young women about those out there who will try to "undercut" their success.

She might as well have been holding up a middle finger at Kanye, basically.

There really isn’t much to debate here, considering how well Taylor handled West’s random attack – but Michelle Collins still tried to argue that it’s actually an "honor" to be referenced by Kanye in a song.

Fortunately, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg both shot her down pretty quickly.

How did Raven-Symone try to claim that the death of Kanye’s mother is actually to blame for the artist’s many outbursts?

Watch below to find out and try to decide if you agree with this panelist: