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With the series premiere just a couple of weeks away, The Kardashians‘ teaser trailers are going all out.

The latest dangles everything from Travis’ proposal to Kourtney to Kendall’s furious fight with Scott.

Some of what’s coming is familiar. Other things will be brand new to us all.

The Kardashians have never shied away from drama, but … why is Kim talking about homicide?

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"One of the biggest things in her life is about to happen," Kris Jenner says to the camera.

"And Kourtney," she continues in this teaser, "has no idea."

We’re treated to new glimpses of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker.

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Kris’ meaning is obvious, even if we did not already know their big news from last year.

Amidst an elaborate floral spread on the beach, Travis proposed to Kourtney.

Though we have already seen many photos, the Hulu series will show that moment to us all.

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We’re sure that Kourtney’s castmate, Scott Disick, will not enjoy that.

He spent much of 2021 making headlines for his public and private inability to cope with Kourtney’s new romance.

However, not everything’s about engagements on this brand new series.

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"I am very excited to have another baby," Kylie tells the cameras.

While Kylie did share a detailed pregnancy video with fans and did not try to keep this pregnancy a secret like she did her first, The Kardashians is sure to share a lot.

Of course, Kylie’s pregnancy may also mean that she doesn’t get into quite as much nonsense as some of her siblings do.

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Kim, of course, was going through a divorce throughout the first season’s filming.

"It’s really hard," Kim says, "with Kanye."

While those sound clips may have been taken from separate statements … she’s not wrong.

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Kanye’s increasingly unstable behavior was the motive behind the divorce, but it did not end when their marriage did.

His public displays of inability-to-take-a-hint made headlines last year and continue to do so this year, especially as he rages over her relationship with Pete Davidson.

That said, we know that Kanye continues to love Kris.

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Speaking of Kardashians with toxic exes, Khloe and Tristan also make an appearance.

"Tristan and I are … complicated," she seems to say in the trailer.

"Trust takes time," Khloe is shown telling him.

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Hilariously, viewers also see the two of them playing chess on an elaborately large chess set on the coffee table.

True is adorable and seated in her mother’s lap while her parents pretend that this is how they pass the time.

It’s super goofy, but so are so many of the things that this family does.

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We then see Kendall Jenner, who appears to be in heated conflict with Scott Disick.

"I’m so over this, Scott," Kendall says. "I’m out."

She stands up and storms away, though there is no hint as to what the conflict may be about.

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Other conflicts are more apparent.

Kris is showing off her Xanatos Complex as she gleefully celebrates that two of her daughters are up for the cover of Vogue.

One of them will win and one of them will lose … but it’s a victory for Kris either way, and that’s what matters.

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It looks like Kim and Kendall are locking horns.

While Kendall is a professional supermodel, Kim has been modeling — and breaking the internet — for many years.

Will clout or career win the day? That’s what they aim to find out.

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It sounds like Kimberly is considering homicide.

Or, if not, she’s joking about considering it.

"I probably would murder Kendall myself if it [were] between the two of us," Kim quips.

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We’ll know the context of all of these moments during the coming months.

In the mean time, The Kardashians will premiere on Hulu on April 14.

This will be the family’s streaming debut. Only time will tell if they still have what it takes to be can’t-miss TV.