The Bachelorette Season 16 Trailer: Is Dale a Phony?

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Whoa there!

The Bachelorette Season 16 is about to bring the drama... and the chaos.

At this point, yes, you've very likely read about all that happens to Clare Crawley and her dozens of suitors, but that doesn't mean you know how they arrive at that point.

It's one thing to say Clare leaves the show early to start a life with Dale Moss. It's another to see how everyone around her reacts to this stunner.

Clare Crawley, Tall and Proud

In this three-minute long trailer, Clare makes up with a lot of guys.

She also grows emotional at one point, explaining how this is finally her "chance to not be the one begging a guy to be with me."

It's a pretty sad admission for the 39-year old to make, really.

"I do want a man with balls," she says at another point, prior to a number of contestants seemingly stripping all the way down to nothing.

Dale and Clare

It's also important to note that Moss isn't the only guy who falls for Clare on Season 16.

"The way you make me feel is the way I've wanted to feel my entire life," one dude tells Crawley in a stark and honest confession.

And yet, in the end, it all comes back to Moss.

Much to the chagrin of Clare's other suitors, some of which are VERY suspect of the former NFL wide receiver. They think Crawley should be concerned.


"I have feelings for Dale. We have a connection... I know what I want, and I found it," Clare says in this promo, shortly before we hear a dire warning.

"You're phony. You're fraudulent. You're artificial," a contestant tells a very irritated Moss, later adding of the show's lead:

'It's only a matter of time before Clare realizes the truth, that Dale isn't who she thinks he is."

Uhhh, GULP.

Clare Crawley in ABC Promo

Elsewhere, we see Clare absolutely lose it, screaming that she's 39 and single because she didn't settle for "men like that."

We're pretty sure she's talking about Yosef Aborady here, the alleged Season 16 villain who reportedly gets sent home outside of a rose ceremony.

At no point in the preview do we learn for certain that Clare leaves early and Tayshia Adams gets brought in as her replacement.

But one contestant does say he's stunned about the "process being cut short."

Clare Crawley with the Kiss

We then conclude the promo with Chris Harrison looking anxious while standing outside the resort.

A limo pulls up.

We don't see who gets out, as the video cuts to black -- but we all know this person's identity by now, don't we?

Check out the revealing footage now!

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