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The Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher may have had her heart broken last season, but she’s now ready to get back on the dating horse.

Or unicorn, as it were. You knew it was coming!

We never put it past the geniuses on Mike Fleiss’ team to cultivate the most intriguing – and often the funniest – promos in this genre.

They’re not disappointing us this time around, as longstanding card-carrying members of Bachelor Nation will soon be able to attest.

While The Bachelorette spoilers are already hinting at who might emerge as a favorite this summer, we now have our first video teaser!

ABC has released the first official trailer for The Bachelorette Season 12 and it commences with the heartbreak of The Bachelor finale …

Oh yes. The Dallas beauty’s ill-fated romance with Ben Higgins, who told her he loved her only to shatter her dreams, must be relived.

Only as a context for what’s to come, however.

When one door closes, another opens (unless you’re Caila Quinn … sorry girl!) and Fletcher will be the one doling out roses this time.

Clearly, she’s a natural in the role already.

Not just because of that red dress (see gallery above), but because of her attitude. Radiant as ever, she’s set to begin a new chapter.

"I’m officially the new Bachelorette," the 25-year-old JoJo Fletcher excitedly declares in the footage below. "Bring on the men!"

And the unicorn. For real. So magical.

Set to Demi Lovato’s "Confident," the clip offers some quick glimpses at the assortment of hunks ready to vie for JoJo’s love and affection.

Or in the case of Robby Hayes, to woo her shortly after walking out on Hope Higginbotham, which may or may not erupt into a scandal.

There’s a villain in every season.

Anyway … peep the clip and get excited for JoJo’s upcoming fairy tale adventure, kicking off May 23 on the ABC television network: