The Bachelorette Finale: How Will Katie Recover?!?

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But not forgotten.

This might as well be the theme of next Monday's Bachelorette season finale, as the official promo just releasedd by ABC doesn't really focus on either of Katie Thurston's finalists.

We don't see a ton of Justin Glaze oor Blake Moynes in this trailer.

Katie Thurston on the Finale

Instead, Katie comes across as very broken up by what transpired on the previous episode with Greg Grippo.

As you likely know by now, Grippo stomed off the show in a huff this past Monday, irate that Thurston -- in his view -- had led him on and was unable to reciprocate his feelings of love.

“I don’t give a f—k about the rose. I was just telling you that you filled a hole in my heart,” Grippo snapped at one point before leaving the show.

“I’ve never given up on you. I’ve fought so hard for you here …

"As much as it hurts me, I’ve reached my breaking point with this. I gave you everything. I really hope you find something."

thurston image

Based at least on this new preview. it's evident that Greg's departure will continue to weigh heavily on Thurston.

"I just didn’t see it ending. Not today... Greg isn’t somebody I thought would leave like this," Katie says in the video, prior to saying she was totally in love with Grippo.

"We don’t put ourselves in a position where we have to rely on a male," Katie's tells her daughter, while Justin comes across as very concerned -- after seemingly getting dumped.

"I hope he doesn’t take you for granted," Glaze tells Thurston.

Justin Glaze Pic

Elsewhere, presumptive winner Blake Moynes (if certain Bachelorette spoilers are to be believed) admits in a confessional:

"If Katie’s still hung up on Greg, then there’s no point to this."

As Katie laments over a "heartbreaking" development and "the love" she had for one departed man, the narrator questions:

"Left brokenhearted and in tears, her worst fears realized. What will Katie do now?"

Thurston in Thought

That's the big question, isn't it?

She'll get engaged, according to some... including Katie herself. Sort of.

"I am in a place where I am very happy with my life and where I am. That is all I can do to continue to move forward," Thurston previously told Entertainment Tonight.

Sounds like someone accepts a proposal to us!

Katie Thurston Waits

"I've really been living under a rock this whole time, so come August 9, I'm ready to get out of the house [and] move forward with my life," Katie added in this same ET interview.

"Just really figure things out and what the future holds for me."

The Bachelorette finale airs on Monday, August 9 at 8/7c.

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