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Late last year, after months of guest hosts, it was reported that Wendy Williams was suffering from dementia despite only being in her fifties.

Wendy has denied this claim, but Wells Fargo has also insisted that her money be managed, citing fears that she is under undo influence.

This week, Wendy called in to Good Morning America — declining to appear on camera — to assert that she is of sound mnd and body.

She insisted that she has the mind and body "of a 25-year-old" and does not need her money supervised.

Wendy Williams in 2019

On Thursday, March 17, Wendy Williams called in to speak about her health issues, autonomy over her finances, and her career.

While the voice sounds like Wendy, we will have to assume that Good Morning America was able to verify that it was really her calling in.

Right off the bat, Wendy emphasized that she is "absolutely" of "sound mind."

Wendy Williams in Front of the Camera

Wendy offered an explanation for why there has been so much discussion of her health.

"When people want control of their accounts, they say anything," she claimed.

Wendy added: "including something crazy like that about me."

Wendy Williams Cries Hard

"[My] health is very well. And I’ve actually had a few appointments," Wendy shared.

"You know, I’m 57 now," she remarked.

"And," Wendy continued, "I have the mind and body of a 25-year-old."

Wendy Williams in Her Chair

As we have reported, Wendy has been locked in a legal and financial struggle with Wells Fargo.

She has accused the banking behemoth of barring her from accessing "several million dollars."

Meanwhile, the bank has claimed that she is of "unsound mind" and asked the court to appoint a guardian on her behalf.

Wendy Williams: Happy on Set
Photo via Wendy Williams

"They say that I need somebody to handle my account and I don’t want that," Wendy declared.

"I want all my money," she said.

"I want to see all my money that I’ve worked hard for my entire life," Wendy went on. "My entire life."

Wendy Williams on Zoom
Photo via YouTube

"I don’t lie, I don’t cheat and I don’t steal," Wendy affirmed.

She declared: "I am an honest, hard-working person."

Of course, no one has accused her — at least in this context — of being of poor character, merely of being influenced by unscrupulous individuals.

THE Wendy Williams
Photo via Wendy Williams

"I want to spend more time with my family and, you know, working out," Wendy said.

"And," she continued, she has been spending time "waiting for the responses to my money situation [with] Wells Fargo."

As if to answer why these claims of cognitive declines have emerged, Wendy claimed: "And they don’t like that."

Wendy Williams is a Hot Mess
Photo via Wendy Williams

It almost sounds like Wendy is accusing Wells Fargo of resenting that she wants to spend time with her family.

That seems unlikely.

However, Wendy has spent many years jumping from subject to subject on camera, so this is not necessarily evidence of a newly fractured mental state.

Wendy Williams Breaks Down
Photo via Wendy Williams

Officially, Wendy is dealing with her thyroid condition and complications arising from Graves disease, all following her recovery from COVID-19.

COVID has been found to attack many parts of the body, including the brain, in some patients, causing infamous "brain fog" in even young, healthy victims.

That said, until Wendy or her doctors say otherwise, there is no proof that anything of the sort is happening to her. We truly wish her the best.