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After all of the Kourtney drama on last week’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this week’s sneak peek is all about Khloe.

In a tense conversation with Kris, Khloe admits that she may never date again. That’s when her momager suggests freezing her eggs.

In a Keeping Up With The Kardashians sneak peek, Kris has a lot of questions for Khloe.

"Are you dating anybody?" the momager asks.

"No," Khloe shares. "Not even thinking about it."

"No? … You’ve been on a date," Kris suggests. She sounds like she had really been expecting a different answer.

When Khloe pretty much shuts down her assumptions that she’s back on the market, Kris’ voice drops to a whisper.

"Stop," she says, almost playfully.

(It really sounds like Kris thoughtt that they were sitting down to have a very different conversation)

"Well," Khloe clarifies, "not since Tristan and I broke up."

Khloe reveals: "I have friends [who say] like ‘I want to hook you up with someone.’"

But she is in no mood.

"I just don’t care," she confesses to Kris.

"I’m focused on myself and True," Khloe asserts.

Those are very good priorities to have.

She adds: "I’m like, that’s just what I do."

"Who knows?" Khloe suggests. "Maybe I’ll never date again."

Plenty of people swear off dating, though Khloe is simply mentioning the possibility.

Kris audibly gasps, and says: "Khloe!" in shock.

She also puts on her best imitation of the Surprised Pikachu meme.

At this point, the momager speaks to the confessional camera.

"Khloe has definitely been through a rough year," Kris acknowledges.

That is something of an understatement. Tristan humiliated her by cheating on her, again and again.

"And," Kris continues, "the fact that she says that she doesn’t want to date again is a little sad for me."

Kris explains that she finds this remark to be sad "because I want her to live her best life."

(For the record, plenty of people find living their best lives to mean not dating — just like childfree folks find it fulfilling to not be parents)

"And," Kris expresses, she has "hope that she’ll have another baby one day."

"And I think it’s good to put yourself out there for a little bit," Kris opines.

That is an extremely mom piece of advice, right?

Kris suggests that Khloe should go back on the market "in order to figure out what you want and what’s meant to be."

"Do you want another baby?" Kris asks.

"Not now, no," Khloe replies honestly.

Kris then asks: "Are your eggs frozen?"

"Nope," her daughter replies casually.

"If I want to, I will one day," Khloe shares.

At the moment, however, "I just don’t care to."

"You need frozen eggs," Kris advises her.

Khloe assures her mother: "I’m not worried about it."

Khloe, with her breasts absolutely glistening like balloons in heavy makeup, then speaks to the confessional camera.

"I just find it so strange that people find it such a negative when somebody wants to be single," Khloe expresses.

"Trust me," she says.

"If I wanted to date," Khloe promises, "I would date."

"I want to invest my energy in my daughter," Khloe proclaims.

She adds that she also intends to invest her energy "in my self-healing."

Those are both very worthy uses of her time.

Khloe Kardashian Doesn't Need Anybody's Help

"And I think that should be really empowering," Khloe suggests.

"And," she adds, "it should be more rewarded."

Khloe expresses that being single by choice should be encouraged and accepted "rather than frowned upon."

She’s right.

"Like ‘oh my gosh, is she okay?’" Khloe says, immitating the way that people have spoken about her.

"I’m actually f–king fantastic," she declares.

"And," Khloe concludes, "I think everybody should jump on this bandwagon."