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Taylor Swift's music video for "Wildest Dreams," the latest single from her smash album 1989, premiered at Sunday's 2015 MTV VMAs.

The song - and its video aesthetics - feel like Taylor Swift combined with Lana Del Rey. Mostly in a good way, as weird as that sounds.

In the video, Swift and a love interest (Scott Eastwood!) are in the African savannah, filming what looks to be a WWII-era, old-Hollywood film.

Sepia tones and vintage fashions abound (as does racial insensitivity, at least according to some critics, but that's a separate topic).

It feels like a feature film, one that we would have zero problems paying to see in a theater if only for the African landscapes in 3-D.

That and Tay's outfit changes. Sure, she may have aped Lana a little with this effort, but girl looks amazing in anything or nothing.

As for Swift and Eastwood, we know it's just a music video, but go ahead and start the dating rumors now ... quite a hot couple!

Perhaps fittingly, the two play movie stars whose on-camera chemistry spills over into real life, then implodes in dramatic fashion.

In your "Wildest Dreams," who could imagine that?!

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