Taylor Swift Drops Revealing Music Video for "... Ready For It"

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Taylor Swift is back, folks.

Granted, the singer was supposedly back several weeks ago when she announced a new album was dropping and then released the single "Look What You Made Me Do."

But everyone hated that song. It didn't make much of a (positive) impact.

But now the video for “…Ready for It?” is here and it has the entire Internet buzzing over Swift just like the old days.

old t

Packed with robots, lightning, elements of various sci-fi films and Swift as a naked cyborg, the footage below appears to be chock full of interesting Easter Eggs.

There's a reference to boyfriend Joe Alwyn via his birth year written on the wall behind Taylor at one point, for example.

You can see it here, along with Swift's own well-known birth day of 1989:

birth years

Astute Internet users have even noted that the name “Joseph” is written in Chinese calligraphy around the 28-second mark, while there are sly references to The Year of the Snake as well.

(Swift used the symbol of a snake to announce her comeback this year, after Kim Kardashian slammed her last summer as acting as shady as one of these animals.)

Taylor Swift Nude?

Elsewhere, the pop and country music star appears to send messages to her loyal Swifties via affirmations on the wall as well as her favorite number, 13.

swift messages

There really is A LOT to unpack in this video.

Can you find the white horse? The reference to burning witches? The "Blank Space" makeup shout-outs?

Sit back. Get comfortable. Hit PLAY and prepare to analyze now!

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