Taylor Swift Attends Jury Duty, Shares Important Driving Advice

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Taylor Swift is just like the rest of us. 

How so? The singing sensation was summoned for jury duty in Nashville.

When do you ever hear of celebrities doing jury duty? Granted, it's probably something they keep quiet to conceal details of the case. 

Taylor Swift Glares

This probably makes it super clear she did not ditch the MTV VMAs because of her arch nemesis, Kanye West. 

As much as Kanye would like to take credit for the hit maker steering clear of the awards show, it was out of her control. 

That's what happens when you get asked to do jury duty. Yes, Swift actually attended and gave all of the fellow jurors a huge shock in the process. 

How would you feel if you walked in to do jury duty and the one of the biggest stars on the planet was waiting to do the same thing?

The mind really boggles. Everyone was probably pretty star-struck at the shock of crossing paths with Swift. 

Swift was happy to rise to the occasion and take selfies with the crowd. 

It even resulted in a video with her doing shout outs to the family members of one of the jurors. 

The video didn't stop there. 

She also gave out road safety advice to the family members. It's all pretty bizarre, but great at the same time. 

Alas, it wasn't all fun and games. 

Swift was excused from her duties after learning the severity of the crime. 

Ken Whitehouse, a spokesman for the Davidson County district attorney general’s office, said Swift couldn't take part due to her ongoing sexual assault lawsuit against David Mueller.

“She asked to be left off out of concern for an upcoming trial in Denver where she was – she used the term – ‘groped’ by a fan at a meet-and-greet,” said Whitehouse.

It makes sense for her to steer clear of the case given the circumstances. 

Maybe she recruited some new members to her squad while she was there. 

What do you think about all of this? 

Hit the comments below!

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