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It seems that Kelly Dodd’s feud with Vicki Gunvalson will only end after Vicki gets booted from the show, if that ever really happens.

But now, a new feud has sprung up between Tamra Judge and Kelly, atfter Tamra was exposed appearing to spread a nasty, violent rumor about Kelly.

Kelly says that it’s bogus, that she can prove that Tamra is lying, and that she may just take Tamra to court over it.

Over the weekend, a behind-the-scenes clip of Tamra Judge surfaced. We have included the video in this post.

The low-quality video doesn’t reveal much, but it sounded to viewers like it depicted Tamra spreading a serious accusation about Kelly Dodd.

"She pushed her mother down the stairs," Tamra seems to say at one moment.

At another instance, it sounds like she says: "Kelly Dodd is the common problem."

That sounds scary and intense – and you’d better believe that it made its way back to Kelly.

Kelly Dodd Flips Out

In a statement to People, Kelly Dodd made it extremely clear what she thinks about Tamra and about this rumor.

"Tamra is a known liar," Kelly expresses.

"My mom would be happy to go on record," the statement continues.

"And," Kelly says, her mother would say "say I never pushed her down the stairs."

But she has more to say than simply denying the allegation.

Gina Kirschenheiter, Kelly Dodd, and Tamra Judge

Kelly says that her mother is so incensed over this video that she’s pushing Kelly to take legal action.

"She actually wants to sue her for this," Kelly reveals.

To be fair, Kelly had gone through some family troubles with her mother and brother.

"We had an ongoing disagreement," Kelly acknowledges.

"But," she concludes. "it didn’t mean [I] push [sic] her down the stairs."

Kelly Dodd Shares Photo of Mother and Brother

Kelly shared a photo of her mother and brother on Instagram.

"I am so happy to have my family back!!" she wrote in the captions.

"It’s lent," she noted. "And it’s all about forgiveness."

Now, we don’t want to tell someone else how to celebrate their religious holiday, but … her next words seem at odds with what she said before.

"My Mom hates @tamrajudge," Kelly announces in the same breath that she discussed forgiveness.

Kelly says that her mother "always told me to be careful!!"

"My mom wants to sue Tamra," Kelly wrote in the comments under her post.

In another comment, she actually tagged Jim Bellino, the ex-husband of Alexis Bellino.

The guy is currently locked into a year-long lawsuit with Tamra (Shannon has already bested Jim in court in the same defamation case)

"[Jim] was right about Tamra," Kelly claimed. "She hasn’t learned her lesson."

It sounds like Tamra could find herself looking down the barrel of a second defamation suit before she even finishes her first.

Tamra Judge wants Kelly Dodd to get her facts straight

"I was actually defending her," Tamra wrote in a comment. "She should get her facts straight."

"Actually," Tamra added in another comment. "I did not say that she threw her mom down the stairs."

Tamra explained: "I was sticking up for Kelly after someone said that."

"She should get the facts straight," Tamra accused.

Maybe so … but was Tamra bringing up a rumor only to then dismiss it?

If so, that’s fine, but she has to understand that, without that context, Kelly would very reasonably assume that she was badmouthing her.

This new feud could fizzle out … or it could turn very ugly, very quickly.