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One serious ankle injury can ruin your life for weeks or months. Two can be even worse.

Two while you’re all alone in the middle of the woods, miles from the exit of a national park?

That potentially deadly scenario is exactly what happened to Syngin Colchester this week.

90 Day Fiance fans are grateful that their favorite himbo is alive, but he has a long recovery ahead of him.

A week ago, Syngin Colchester embarked upon an exciting solo trip.

He was going down and up the east coast.

That he was going alone, without his wife Tania Maduro, caused a stir among fans.

"Howzit everybody," he wrote in early April.

"I am leaving on a road trip alone," Syngin announced.

"And," he shared, "I am planning on having a blast and going down south.."

"It feels like a dream come true," Syngin expressed at the time.

"And plus," he added, "there are no cameras following me."

Syngin posted his planned route for his fans and followers.

"Let me know if there are place I must see and things that are a must to do down south," Syngin asked.

"Also I am down to hang with anybody," he shared. (During a pandemic?)

He invited fans and followers to "just dm me and let me know."

Syngin Colchester Hangs Out Outside

"I am sure we can get up to some fun stuff," Syngin wrote.

"I will be camping at state parks along the way," he revealed.

Syngin observed: "There are so many beautiful state parks in america."

Syngin Colchester Carries Tanie Maduro

"And I just paid $75 for 4 days and 3nights hahaha magical.." Syngin wrote.

He expressed: "I just want to be in the wild."

"I will also be doing covid test on a regular basis just to be safe," Syngin assured his followers.

Syngin Colchester excited to see former roommates

One of Syngin’s most recent stops was Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

It would also turn out to be the final fun, outdoorsy stop on his journey.

As you can see in the accompanying video, compiled from shorter videos that Syngin uploaded, it was a disaster.

"I am at the hospital now waiting for my xrays…" Syngin captioned the set of videos.

"Make sure to watch all the videos.." he asked his followers.

"There was no signal on the mountain," Syngin described, "nobody left.."

Tania and Syngin for 90 Day Fiance Season 7

"I had to climb my way to safety with 2 sprained ankles, it was so painfull" Syngin shared.

He admitted: "I was a screaming in pain."

"I was scared because there was Nobody left to help I called for help there was nobody," Syngin lamented.

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester laugh at the Tell All s5

"It was me and only me that could get my self out of that mountain to safety…" Syngin described.

"Then," he shared, "the park rangers found me at the top by the waterfall"

"..thanks sooo much @shenandoahnps they were very helpfull and kind.." Syngin expressed with gratitude.

"I will let you all know what the doctor says…" Syngin promised.

He feared: "This might put a end to my trip."

His prediction, as he revealed in a subsequent post, turned out to be correct.

"I cant believe this!!!! I think my trip is over.." Syngin wrote.

"Well I cant go home because I cant drive haha.." he admitted.

"So," Syngin confessed, "I dont know what i am going to do."

Syngin Colchester - America is king on deals, bru

"But everything happens for a reason in life," Syngin expressed.

"And," he vowed, "I will take this chance to see why and for what this all happend…"

"Maybe something else was going to happen or to show me something," Syngin mused.

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester Thirst Trap Fans

"But I will keep keeping on even if I have to watch @discovery and @natgeo for 6 weeks to get my nature in hahaha," Syngin wrote.

This is one of the most Syngin Colchester things that we have ever seen.

He’s had a wrist brace. Tania’s and his brother have both had their legs in gear. It’s part of their vibe.

For no reason at all, I am leaving the definition of a "himbo" here.

If you choose to connect that definition to Syngin, that’s totally your business.

We wish Syngin a swift recovery.