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WARNING: Do not look at the following photos while eating.

We don’t mean to be crass. We’re just concerned about the well-being of our readers, because these images are not for the faint of heart.

Or stomach.

June Shannon on TV
Photo via WEtv

On Friday night, though, Mama June Shannon underwent the skin removal procedure that she thought she had wanted for so, so long.

But you know what they say, don’t you?

Be careful what you wish for!

Shannon said goodbye to her kids on the episode in order to travel to Los Angeles for three weeks and go under the knife, with "From Not to Hot" giving viewers plenty of footage from the actual surgery.

And this is where that warning about not eating comes into play…

First, doctors drew on to June’s skin where they’d be making incisions…

June Shannon's Body
Photo via WEtv

As part of her ongoing mission to shed many pounds, and gain many bucks from documenting it on TV, June went through with it with cameras rolling.

Fans can and will question her motives, which largely fall into a gray area, we suppose, given the convergence of multiple factors at work.

We can tell you this, though: June will never be the same.

To make a long story short, it was time to get to work …

June Shannon in Surgery
Photo via WEtv

Shannon was put under and placed on the operating table, with physicians slicing away at her body in order to help her lose weight.

Is that too graphic of a description? We apologize.

But that’s what transpired, as you can see by the photos below (be warned that they may be graphic and unpleasant for some readers).

Somehow, this is a thing people have done …

Surgery for June Shannon
Photo via WEtv

The problem, however, is that the somehow only 37-year-old Shannon was unhappy with the results – at least initially.

Was it shock value or true dissatisfaction at work? Or both?

"My body looks like Frankenstein and I hate that I did this," she said as her doctor removed her bandages.

"At this point, I can’t imagine going through another surgery."

June Shannon, Post-Surgery
Photo via WEtv

Weeks after this procedure, the mother of four still wasn’t feeling ready for round two, which would remove her "bat wings" and "turkey neck."

She appeared to be having second thoughts in general about her weight loss journey, but when going through a drastic change, that’s to be expected.

Will her mindset improve over time?

Or will she be filled with regret?

June Shannon Looks Like Frankenstein
Photo via WEtv

ALL IMPORTANT PROGRAMMING NOTE: Mama June: From Not to Hot airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on WE tv.

You’ll need to keep tuning in to that riveting program if you wish to find out where June Shannon goes from here.

Why would a person actually care or take the time to do this?

Those are very good questions, but hey, suit yourselves.

Here’s a look at June and family through the years …