Student Makes Like Beyonce for Epic Prom Entrance

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Azja Frazier has officially raised the prom bar.

In a video that has gone viral for totally awesome and understandable reasons, this high school student eschewed the concept of simple photos with her prom date prior to the pair leaving for their big dance.

Instead, she adorned her porch with black and yellow column balloons... she rolled out a red carpet... she called a huge audience to her yard... and she enlisted two of her friends to imitate the choreography from Beyonce's "Formation" music video.

Student as Bey

The footage was shared on dancer’s Floyd D. Wimberly Facebook page and has racked up over three million views in just a couple days.

Wimberly is at the center of the footage, emerging through fringe in white pants and a black top.

After several seconds, he launches into Bey's "Formation" choreography, nailing every move perfectly, prior to walking down the steps to make room for a second dancer.

Eventually, Frazier herself makes a smoke-filled entrance.

And it's awesome!

Beyonce in Formation

The teenage, who lives in Illinois, told BuzzFeed News she hired Wimberly after seeing some of his dances online.

According to his Facebook page, he's done the "Formation" prom entrance at least twice before, and has also performed Bey's "Diva" for a sendoff.

"I wanted something to entertain my guests while they were waiting on me to come out," Frazier told BuzzFeed.

"Also, I loved the song and I felt like it was a moment when I slayed … I felt like it was my day to shine."

It totally was, Azja. And shine you did!

Check out the impressive footage below:

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