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90 Day: The Single Life star Stephanie Matto’s infamous "fart jar" business made headlines for months.

Now, she has a new venture … one that is netting her thousands each week without putting her in the hospital.

Stephanie is selling her own "boob sweat," detailing the process and the business model on social media.

Of course, this line of work comes with some unexpected bear-related risks.

Very few 90 Day Fiance stars have so effectively monetized their fleeting reality TV fame.

Stephanie used her platform to draw attention to her OnlyFans, later launching her own adult subscription service.

But by delivering a tangible (or nearly-tangible) product to unique customers helps her to stand out.

Stephanie has opened up about her sweat bottling venture.

Humans perspire to some degree all day, but Stephanie spends about four hours a day by the pool in order to work up the right concentration of sweat.

The sweat jars take 15 minutes to make individually, and she says that every drop of sweat in them comes from her breasts.

Stephanie can fill ten bottles of sweat per day.

The jars are not inexpensive, going for $500 each.

She reportedly makes as much as $5,000 a week through this business.

Stephanie shares so much of what might be proprietary information (in another business) because it is part of the appeal.

The intimacy, the idea of knowing exactly what goes into using her body to generate the goods that she sells, is essentially part of the product.

It’s difficult for most of us to understand, but to someone with a specific kink, it’s exactly what they want. Also, some people have too much money and will buy things for a laugh.

Stephanie Matto in Lavender

Speaking of laughs, Stephanie recently had to put a pause on her sweat production routine for safety reasons.

TMZ obtained video of a black bear that was, well, just chilling in her backyard.

While black bears are relatively small and notoriously skittish, it’s best to simply go indoors rather than risk an injurious confrontation.

The solution the occasional visit by a bear is the solution to so many of life’s potential problems: just stay indoors.

In fact, Stephanie says that she is considering getting a sauna installed so that she can sweat without depending upon the weather — or an ursine absence.

That sounds like a fine solution that will certainly pay for itself.

Stephanie Matto

Stephanie’s other, more famous venture, selling "fart jars" to customers, made her so well known that some people are familiar with her without even realizing that she was on 90 Day Fiance.

However, that foul project also ended up putting Stephanie in the hospital, albeit only briefly.

Why? Sudden symptoms made her believe that she was experiencing a heart attack or stroke.

Stephanie Matto Sells Fart Jars in 2022

What had actually happened, of course, was a very normal buildup of digestive gasses due to her flatus-generating diet.

In other words, she simply had to burp, and was in pain and scared before she realized what was going on.

The first time that this happens to people as adults, usually in their twenties or thirties, many realize why babies cry until burped. It’s not a good sensation … but it’s not a heart attack.