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90 Day: The Single Life star and flatulence entrepreneur Stephanie Matto has been celibate for a couple of years.

On Friday’s new episode, the wait is over.

In this clip, Stephanie is rekindling old passions with an ex from high school who is just her type.

Things go from casual party games to planning to take a bath together … and Stephanie is ready to end her celibacy tonight.

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Many people wax nostalgic about their exes, even reconnecting with them years later.

That doesn’t always work out well, but you don’t always know until it happens.

That’s exactly where Stephanie Matto is as Fred attends a house party that she is throwing.

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She and Fred dated in high school, but she didn’t single him out for an invite.

Early in this clip, Stephanie is playing beer pong beside Fred against another pair of friends.

In her commentary, she can’t help but notice how much her ex embodies her "type."

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"I like that Fred is unafraid to be himself," Stephanie praises.

"Crazy outfit. Crazy hair. Funny and goofy," she describes.

It’s hard to tell if that’s intended as a backhanded compliment. His outfit is a little colorful. His hair is pretty normal.

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"I really love odd, quirky, eccentric types," Stephanie admits.

"This is a common thread between all people I’ve dated," she admits.

We are reminded of her ex-girlfriend, Erika Owens, with whom things very dramatically did not work out.

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Stephanie and Fred first dated when they were fifteen.

While she only considered losing her "virginity" (virginity is a social construct, but she means penis-in-vagina sex), he was her "first" for many things.

"Of course, I was your first you were f–king 15," Fred somewhat naively reminds her.

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Later, when the sun has gone down, Stephanie and Fred separate themselves from the rest of the party.

Sharing some drinks out on the deck, they reconnection deepens.

"Cheers to reconnecting after all these years," Stephanie praises. "That was so f–king long ago."

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Stephanie and Fred are doing a lot of laughing and smiling at this point.

As we know, Stephanie has been celibate for more than two and a half years at this point.

With Fred there and sparks flying, maybe enough is enough.

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Stephanie makes a move on Fred … by asking if he wants to take a bath with her.

It’s not unusual to initiate hookups by using a shower as an icebreaker (especially if you’re worried that you or your partner(s) could be cleaner).

A bath is a little unorthodox, but apparently Stephanie loves taking baths with people. It’s arguably more sensual.

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It’s also certainly easier to film than a shower.

"Fred and I are getting along," Stephanie explains to the camera.

"We’re feeling very comfortable with each other," she assesses.

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"And with people that I’m attracted to, and I have a few drinks, my first instinct is to have a bath," Stephanie reveals.

"I just really love taking baths with people," she adds, joking: "I’m like a bathtub hoe."

Stephanie teases: "I might lose my celibacy tonight. This is going to be the moment that I’ve been waiting for."