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Stephanie Davison was not a happy camper during her 90 Day Fiance season.

First, she described being pressured by production to not break up with then-fiance Ryan Carr.

Despite her better instincts, she gave him another shot for the sake of the cameras, traveling to Belize as previously planned.

Once in Belize, Stephanie received so many sandfly bites that she had to take powerful antihistimines.

It is believed by many viewers that these antihistimines interacting with alcohol explained her changed demeanor.

Then, worst of all, she was a victim of a sexual assault.

Ryan did not even seem to deny the "stealthing" incident, instead defending his removal of the condom on camera.

Despite all of this, editing did not seem willing to do her any favors.

Now, Stephanie is accused by the Michigan Attorney General of attempting to deceive clients.

Allegedly, she told patients that her rejuvenation treatments at her Skin Envy spas could somehow protect against COVID-19.

Stephanie has denied making any claims of that nature.