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While the world is reeling over the death of music legend Prince, numerous stars have expressed their heartfelt sentiments to honor the man.

Will Smith’s tribute was poignant. Justin Timberlake’s was heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

And then came Stacey Dash.

The Fox News correspondent and all-around ignoramus eulogized Prince during a segment on the network and, unsurprisingly, fans are outraged over one particular comment.

In what seems to be her attempt at a compliment, Dash superfluously brings race into the matter.

"He was an icon," she started, a statement we can all agree with. 

She went on to describe how he was an innovator who transcended time before dropping the fateful race card.

"You didn’t look at him as a black artist or an artist of any color, he was just Prince," she said.

Fans went ballistic over hearing this comment, questioning why she had to bring up race at all.

What if you did look at him as a black artist, Stacey? Would that have negated any of his talent or accomplishments? 

Not to mention, Prince was a black artist, and trying to strip him of his identity in this manner left many rightfully angered.

Critics swiftly took to Twitter to express their discontent.

"Lord if you’re listening we’ll gladly swap Prince for Stacey Dash," wrote one user.

"Why has no one punched Stacey dash yet?!" quipped another. "Such disrespect for the deceased. Prince was an advocate of black lives matter. Yes he was black."

Dash has long drawn the ire of the black community by dissenting from its collective views on racism.

Earlier this year, the Clueless actress called for an end to Black History Month and the BET network, which caused Black Twitter to hit the roof.

As one user put it:

"’Self-hatred (self-loathing) is an extreme hatred of oneself, or being angry at or even prejudiced against one’s identity.’ #StaceyDash"

Listen to her comments below: