Sonja Morgan: I Was Never a Trophy Wife! I Don't Shave My P--sy!

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Even though Season 12 of The Real Housewives of New York City is barely underway, there has already been a drunken rant at a mansion party.

Brace yourself -- you're about to hear a lot about Sonja Morgan's grooming habits, and more.

RHONY 12 sonja morgan speaks

On Thursday night's The Real Housewives of New York City, the ladies were touring a swanky Hamptons mansion.

How swanky? The price tag on the property is about $40 million, and a house that size would be pricey anywhere.

Ramona Singer was something of the ringleader, but was accompanied by Luann de Lesseps, Dorinda Medley, Tinsley Mortimer, and Leah McSweeney.

Sonja Morgan may have enjoyed the party just a little too much, because as the night went on, she became ... louder.

RHONY 12 hamptons mansion

In addition to her raised volume, Sonja made some overtures at male guests and got a little confrontational.

The vodka was flowing that night.

"I’m not impressed with your rich friends,” Sonja declared at one point.

She boasted: “I have more money in the bank than any of them!"

Sonja Morgan Throws Up Her Hands

Ramona was embarrassed and frustrated by Sonja's antics.

"That’s Sonja. She has a few drinks, she’s out of control,” she lamented to the party's host.

“When Sonja acts like this," she explained, "it’s no wonder she’s not invited to certain events and parties."

Harsh words from a BFF.

RHONY 12 - elyse slaine claim

Others were mostly just amused.

"Sonja is off the charts … Oh, she’s on a roll,” Dorinda laughed.

She characterized it: “It’s truly like Godzilla has been let loose, and Godzilla is drunk. D-r-u-n-k!"

"She's off the rails," Leah observed. "Not only is she entertaining, but she’s embarrassing!"

RHONY 12 leah mcsweeney sidesteps

But the absolute highlight of Sonja's nonsense was when she got into a debate with her longtime friend, Elyse Slaine.

Elyse remarked that Sonja had been an "accessory" to her ex-husband, John Adams Morgan, to whom she was married for 7 years.

"No no no. Don’t say that. Why are you saying that?" Sonja exclaimed, very loudly.

"I was not an accessory, I was a partner with my husband," she declared. "A partner!”

Sonja Morgan Throws Up Her Hands

“You know me, why are you saying that? Why are you saying that?" Sonja asked.

She then announced, again very loudly: "I am a boss bitch!"

"Take it back! I was not an an accessory to my husband! We were partners!” Sonja continued to yell.

“I was never a trophy wife," she reiterated. "Take that back!"

Sonja Morgan Implores Her Friend

"I’m not arm candy!" Sonja declared to the entire room, as you can see in the clip that we included. "I don’t shave my p--sy!"

Elyse did retract her statement, but Sonja was already on a roll.

"Men love my vagina, I’ve got an amazing vagina!” Sonja later commented. “It’s just amazing."

That must be so nice for her.

Sonja Morgan Points the Finger

Sonja pushed things too far when she accused Tinsley Mortimer of having been a trophy wife.

"How was I a trophy wife? To Topper, my high school sweetheart?" Tinsley replied.

"What the hell are you talking about?" she asked, demanding: "Cool your jets!"

"I met Topper at boarding school and he and I are the same age," Tinsley pointed out to the camera.

RHONY 12 tinsley mortimer: stop drinking vodka @ sonja morgan

Tinsley noted of Sonja: "She was a hostess at a restaurant when she met her husband, and she was like 100."

She insisted: “That’s the definition of a trophy wife!"

Real talk? Maybe Sonja was just commenting that Tinsley is super hot and looks the part of a trophy wife.

There is such a thing as too much vodka, Sonja.

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