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Snooki absolutely FLIPPED OUT on Angelina Pivarnick while filming Jersey Shore Family Vacation this week.And it was the sort of meltdown that might remind OG fans of the original series!

Cameras caught Snooks storming out after what appeared to be an intense fight between the castmates.

"Leave me the f–k alone, this is why I didn’t want to do this sh-t. Leave me alone!" Snooks screamed at one point.

Nicole calls someone "f–king a–hole" and loudly complains that she wants to go home to be with her kids where she belongs.

According to TMZ, Snooki got into an intensely heated argument with Angelina Pivarnick just prior to storming out.

In a way, we suppose this is what producers wanted when they re-introduced Pivarnick to the cast.

But while we’re sure they welcome the drama, they’re probably not too big on the idea of a third-tier nobody like Angelina scaring off their top talent.

Take a look: