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Last week, the general public was treated to the most entertaining piece of theater in recent memory: the Kanye West – Wiz Khalifa Twitter feud.

And now, we have an amateur director and two budding thespians already doing a remake.

On the latest episode of Kocktails with Khloe, host Khloe Kardashian gives guests Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and RuPaul a script containing the rappers’ tweets and asks them to act out the beef.

RuPaul takes on the daunting role of Kanye while Snooki attempts to portray Wiz, and what plays out is nearly as pathetic as the original tweeted war.

Snooki, clad in dark sunglasses and a beanie, just kept rambling nonstop in what Khloe identified as a Jamaican accent, which is strange because Wiz is from North Dakota.

This is an excellent lesson in how TV and movies distort reality.

Playing Kanye, RuPaul should’ve had most of the lines, because the number of tweets unleashed by the rapper totaled 27 while Wiz had remained silent most of the time.

Snooki did confess to drinking in the green room prior to the show, so blame it on the alcohol.

Khloe’s other guests, sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, seemed to get a real kick out of watching the two have a go at it.

Khloe praised her guests’ dramatic turns, even though they went off script. 

"This is the first time on Khloe’s Kocktails Theater that there is improv," said the host. "And Nicole, you turned Wiz Khalifa into a Jamaican rapper and I appreciate that."

"There is no winner tonight because you guys are so good. It’s a tie."

This sad showing could be one hint as to why we keep hearing rumors about the show being canceled.