Si Robertson: Atheists Don't Exist!

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Another member of A&E's most famous reality show family has spoken out on the topic of religion.

In late 2013, Phil Robertson got suspended from Duck Dynasty after slamming homosexuals, telling GQ in a headline-making interview that gay sex was akin to bestiality.

Now, Si Robertson says in a video interview with the Christian Post (above) that “there’s no such thing as an atheist.”

Bill Maher might disagree, but here is how Uncle Si rationalizes his claim:

"There's too much documentation. Our calendars are based on Jesus Christ. Whether you believe in him or not, every time you sign your calendar, you add down the day's date, you're saying he's here, OK? That's documented."

It is true that the Gregorian calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 and that its years are based on the approximate birth of Jesus Christ… but the names of many of the months maintain their pagan origins.

Robertson acknowledges that “skeptics” exist, but emphasizes that anyone in trouble will turn to the almighty.

"If you get in a serious bind, the first thing you'll do is say [God], please help me," Si says.

Check out the full interview above and watch Duck Dynasty online at any time for plenty more from Si and his unique family.

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