Shia LaBeouf Gets Weird, Patriotic at Mt. Rushmore: WATCH!

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Okay, we're gonna need someone from Shia LaBeouf's home planet to come and pick him up now.

Yesterday, video of Shia rapping in the woods made the rounds online. it was later revealed that he plagiarized much of his "freestyle," because of course he did.

Prior to that, Shia's weird green screen rant reminded us that all has not been even Stevens with this kid for quite some time.

Yesterday, Shia visited Mt. Rushmore, where he was apparently profoundly moved by the sight of giant, stone Teddy Roosevelt.

Shia screamed "America" over and over again (Sadly, he stopped just short of "f--k yeah!") as nervous tourists looked on and (thankfully) recorded him on their cell phones.

The best part is that when an elderly woman asked the Beef to tone it down, he told her he was a Marine and asked her on a date.

Yup. We know Shia suffered a massive head injury recently, but the dude's been doing this kind of thing for years.

We're all for another Brando/Depp/Joaquin Phoenix-style eccentric, but Shia needs to build up a body of work to justify his weirdness if he wants to keep this up. 

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