Shane Dawson: Sorry for Being Racist and Joking About Pedophilia!

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Shane Dawson is one of the most famous, most successful YouTube stars.

But he's also extremely problematic, to say the least.

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In his early days on the platform, Shane got views by doing skits where he played different characters -- one of his most well-known characters is a hugely offensive stereotype of a black woman.

In playing these characters, he's also done quite a bit of blackface.

Did we mention he's also said the N-word a whole bunch of times?

And just in case that wasn't awful enough (it definitely was), he's also been known to joke about pedophilia in just the most disgusting way possible.

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It's bad. It's really bad.

He's made some apologies for all of this before, but it's been brought up again in part because of the big conversation about racism the country has been having for the past few weeks.

Another reason to dig all of this back up is his continued defense of good friend Jeffree Star, another YouTuber who's also had plenty of racism scandals of his own.

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In the past week or so, more and more people have been talking about all these horrific things Shane has said and done, and after Jenna Marbles made her video where she took accountability for her past mistakes, he did the same.

Check out his apology in full below:

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