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Selena Gomez appears to be sending mixed signals when it comes to her feelings for Justin Bieber.

Either that… or websites such as this one continue reading far too much into every little gesture the singer makes.

Selena Silhouette
Photo via Instagram

For instance, Gomez debuted a new track on the first night of her Revival Tour in Las Vegas on May 6.

It was titled "Feel Me" and it made a reference to someone Selena said she never "cheated" on and never "lied" to and someone who she gave "time and space" to and who, seemingly, she wanted to get back together with.

So… Bieber, right?

Clearly, no?

There have been endless rumblings of late that these two are getting back together again.

But then Gomez performed on Sunday night at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California and someone in the crowd held up a "Marry Justin Please" sign.

It would have been easy enough for Selena to ignore. 

But that wasn’t enough for her.

As you can see in the video below, Gomez asks for the sign… crumples it up… and then tosses it down on the stage.

Well, okay then, huh?!? 

It certainly seems as if Selena is trying to send a message here, doesn’t it?

Check out the footage for yourself and let us know in the Comments section below: Do you think Justin and Selena will end up together? Do you want them to?

Do you think she wants them to?!?