Scott Disick: Watch Him FREAK OUT Over Kourtney Kardashian Dating!

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We've heard a lot this summer about Kourtney's reactions to Scott's string of bad behavior. Now that Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes filmed during the height of Scott's self-destructive spiral are airing, we'll get to see a lot of that.

And even though Scott Disick clearly has no room to talk, we get to see his reaction to Kourtney dating. And guys ... it's not pretty.

In the clip below, you can see part of Kourtney's side of the conversation with Scott.

Scott 'Lord' Disick

Kourtney explains to the camera why the phone call is happening.

"Last night I went to dinner with a guy and was photographed and I just felt like I should give Scott a heads up out of respect, even though he hasn't done the same to me in the past."

Yeah, we never imagined that he gave Kourtney a courtesy call after he touched Bella Thorne's boob.

Even though he's supposedly a little mellower recently, we don't imagine that Scott gave Kourtney a heads up about creepily taking Sofia Richie out jet-skiing.

Anyway, this phone call that Kourtney made ended up being moot.

"But the photos never ended up coming out in the end so it was pretty much all for nothing."

Scott does not sound pleasant. That's an understatement, actually.

As unpleasant as Scott's end of the conversation is, seemingly filled with f-bombs, Kourtney seems to take in good humor. But maybe that's just her putting on a good face for the cameras.

Kourtney Kardashian in Nantucket: A Photo

We know that this will shock absolutely no one, but Khloe did not try to minimalize Scott's reactiona she listened to Kourtney speak to him over the phone.

Instead, Khloe characterized it this way:

"He's screaming at the top of his lungs. Is he drunk right now?"

Kourtney seems to agree.

"He sounds like it."

Khloe doubles down:

"That is belligerent Scott."

Kourtney summarizes their conversation, for Khloe and of course for the cameras.

"I go, ‘You wouldn't even give me a warning. I'm just giving you a heads up, should I not do that?' And I'm like, ‘Next time I won't,' and he's like, ‘There's gonna be a next time?!'"

Scott Disick is on a Boat

Of course there's going to be a next time, Scott.

Kourtney's a person and she's allowed to date.

Just because Scott decided to go on an extremely public bender this summer that landed him in the hospital with liver disease doesn't mean that Kourtney has to go into hibernation.

The fact that Scott was flipping out like that tells us that, on some level, he believes -- or, at the time, still believed -- that they'd resolve things and that after he'd had his fun, he could just stop drinking and go back.

Even the belief that someone with that pattern of behavior can stop drinking is far-fetched.

The idea that Kourtney would just wait at home with the kids, pining for him until he returns is absurd. But ... Scott hasn't exactly been living in reality this year, you know?

Kourtney Kardashian, Featuring The Hand

What strikes us as particularly interesting about this conversation is that Scott was on Keeping Up With The Kardashians for a bajillion years.

He knows that they all make calls while on camera, all of the time.

Did he think that he was "safe" from being on camera because Kourtney wasn't on speaker?

Or was he just too drunk to care?

Everything about Scott's behavior has been so alarming.

No wonder Lionel Richie's scared to death over Scott dating his teenage daughter.

Anyway, you can see Kourtney deal with Scott in the first clip of this video:

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