Scott Disick to Kourtney Kardashian: I Wanna Grow Old With You! Sorry Sofia!

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We know that the final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will be jam-packed with emotional moments.

From baby fever to Kris' tears to Scott telling Kourtney that he's ready to propose, it's offering fans a lot.

In this scene, which shows a little more context than earlier superteasers, Scott and Kourt have a heart to heart.

Scott speaks about spending decades of their lives together, and Kourtney responds.

kuwtk sneak peek - scott and kourtney future 01

This particular sneak peek of KUWTK's final season shows Scott Disick hanging out with his baby mama.

"What's going on with you and Sofia?" Kourtney asks her ex.

"I heard you guys are on a break," she acknowledges. "Like, how are you doing?"

kuwtk sneak peek - scott and kourtney future 02

"Yeah, I don't know," Scott begins to respond, waxing philosophical instead of getting into specifics.

"I just think people come into our lives," he suggests.

"And," Scott continues, these people "think it's maybe easier than they think."

kuwtk sneak peek - scott and kourtney future 04

Scott says that by "it" he means "like to be with you or to be with me."

He admits: "It's like very true that we do come with a lot of baggage."

Scott continues: "And it's definitely not easy that we see each other, work together, and are friends."

kuwtk sneak peek - scott and kourtney future 03

"I don't think I can do it the other way around," Scott confesses.

"But," he emphasizes, "I've always been clear that my priority has been my children, my life with them."

After some hesitation, Scott admits: "And I even put it out there that taking care of you is one of my priorities." 

kuwtk sneak peek - scott and kourtney future 11

Scott then addresses this to the confessional camera.

"I realize that Sofia has been an absolute trooper," he acknowledges.

"But the truth is," Scott says, "anybody dating somebody is gonna feel neglected."

kuwtk sneak peek - scott and kourtney future 05

Scott reasons that this is inevitable "when their significant other is spending more time with their ex than with them."

"You know, I just don't know, like," Scott continues while speaking to Kourtney.

This is when he delves into their possible future life together.

kuwtk sneak peek - scott and kourtney future 08

"Are we just going to like grow old, just traveling the world with the kids," Scott asks.

He asks if they will be "living like one house down from each other."

Boldly, Scott then asks "or together at some point."

kuwtk sneak peek - scott and kourtney future 06

"Well," Kourtney says, "I think that it's great that we can do that with the kids."

"And the kids, like, love it, you know?" she adds.

If you sense a "but" coming, you're right.

kuwtk sneak peek - scott and kourtney future 10

"But ... and I do think we have to be respectful of our relationship," Kourtney expresses.

"And," she continues, "like make sacrifices for that."

Kourtney then includes a conditional: "if it means a lot to you."

kuwtk sneak peek - scott and kourtney future 07

We do not yet know what Kourtney decided to say next.

Very abruptly, the sneak peek cuts off.

Either what Kourtney says next is very exciting ... or simply so boring and disappointing that they didn't want to admit it by airing the whole clip.

kuwtk sneak peek - scott and kourtney future 09

Scott and Kourtney are not currently dating.

These days, Scott is back on his BS, as they say -- boning 19-year-old models while he's still handsome enough to woo some of them.

Clearly, this means that whatever he and Kourt go through on camera, they don't cross that line.

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