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Keeping Up With The Kardashians has released a superteaser for their final season.

We see Kendall with baby fever, Khloe and Tristan preparing for surrogacy, and more.

Viewers are also tantalized by the promise of some sort of resolution for Scott and Kourtney.

In this video, the self-styled lord seems ready to propose to the mother of his children.

It’s super relevant that Scott Disick confronts Tristan Thompson during the supertease.

"You’re talking about having another child," he points out.

"But," Scott observes, "you don’t want to say you’re official?"

At that moment, Scott was talking about Tristan’s "relationship" with Khloe after two major cheating scandals.

Scott thought that it was odd that they’d be so close yet so unofficial.

Of course, many viewers would (and have) made the same observations about Scott and Kourtney.

Photo via E!

"Thinking about proposing," Scott Disick confesses in a voiceover.

It’s always hard to say whether Scott’s audio was spliced together, here.

But given KUWTK‘s history, it’s likely that his statement was only abbreviated, not manufactured.

Scott is not the only one with this on his mind, it seems.

We also see the beloved momager herself, Kris Jenner, looking through what may be a photo album.

With Kourtney by her side, she asks a big time question.

Photo via E!

"Can you see yourself getting married to Scott?" Kris asks.

She asks it so casually that we’re dying to know the context of the question.

In the second and a half of footage, Kourtney doesn’t even seem stunned by the inquiry.

Photo via E!

"I love you," Scott says while seated outdoors wearing a hoodie and sunglasses.

We do not hear the context or Kourtney’s reply.

Instead, we only see a fraction of a second of her staring in response, a bemused look on her face.

Photo via E!

In a previous sneak peek clip, viewers saw Kourtney offer Scott a marriage ultimatum.

Of course, we don’t know what that ultimatum might be.

Their family members were clearly rooting for it to happen, however … and Scott seemed willing.

Scott and Kourtney will always be family.

It’s not just that after so many years spent together, they can finish each other’s sentences and co-parent effectively.

Sharing three children — Mason, Penelope, and Reign — will always bind them to one another.

But their shared history goes beyond the fact that their gametes collided a few times back in the day.

There is clearly no shortage of affection between them.

Despite all of the factors that made them break up several years ago, there’s still a spark.

Kourtney’s family knows it, too.

Without it, they probably wouldn’t be pushing for them to reunite.

(Yes, the Kardashians are obsessed with family … but only up to a point)

There are only two real reasons that longtime shippers of Scott and Kourtney shouldn’t get too excited about this trailer.

The first is context: we don’t know what the rest of these conversations look like, and trailers can be misleading.

The second is reality: presumably, Scott would not be boning yet another teenager (Amelia Gray Hamlin) if he and Kourtney were engaged.