Ryan Edwards' Family SLAMS Maci Bookout on Teen Mom: OG!

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It appears safe to say that Ryan Edwards, his parents Jen and Larry, and his fiancee Mackenize are not huge fans of his ex Maci Bookout.

If you watched last night's Teen Mom: OG, you saw long-simmering tensions between the two families nearly reach their boiling point.

Mackenzie Standifer Screen Shot

In a contentious scene, Ryan Edwards, his fiancée, Mackenzie Standifer, and his folks sat down for a conversation about Bentley.

Or more accurately, Bentley's mom, Maci Bookout.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you recall that on the previous episode, Mackenzie and Maci sat down for lunch to discuss matters.

The two ladies discussed ways they can help Ryan Edwards become a better dad. There's no doubt that Maci's intentions were pure.

Still, one of her specific concerns - or action items - was that Ryan take care of Bentley on his own, and that didn't sit well with Larry.

To be fair, when it comes to parenting the eight-year-old child, Ryan has yielded much of the work to his own parents over the years.

In Maci's view, it's time for Ryan to man up more.

Larry Edwards

Seems like a reasonable stance, but when Mackenzie told the group everything Maci discussed with her, it did not go over very well.

"She [says] that Jen and Larry overstep their bounds, he [Bentley] cries, he’s so upset because he has to come over there," she recalled.

"I feel like that was just so not accurate."

Larry's reaction to Mackenzie's report?

“Well, first of all, I don’t need her freaking opinion. You got that,” he said, fuming. “Now I can’t make a decision for Ryan Edwards."

"I can make decisions for Bentley… And I’m 56 and she’s 25 and I don’t need all that going on there. You understand?"

Ryan on Teen Mom

As Jen tries to calm him down, he adds:

"I don’t need that. Bentley has always been our number one best interest. Period… It’s crawling up the back of my neck right now.”

In fairness, Edwards' parents have done more than they ever signed up for or is required of them to raise Bentley over the years.

Maybe he's overreacting, but like Maci's intentions, Larry's surely come from a place of love for Bentley as well. It's a tough situation.

Watch the scene in question now.

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