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It’s already over, folks! Just a week after a new season of So You Think You Can Dance kicked (and flipped… and jumped… and spun…) off, we already know who will be the next champion.

Isn’t that right, Roydell Shannon? 

Okay, perhaps we’ve speaking a bit prematurely, but this street performer mesmerized viewers and judges on Monday night. (As did his adorable son, Bam Bam.)

A crumper with a “beastly style” that was “smooth” and not “aggressive,” Shannon earned himself a comparison to Russell Ferguson, the Season 6 winner.

“I thought you were just as good as him,” Nigel LYthgoe gushed. "I loved your musicality… There were so many things that you did that were just musical that I don’t see in a crumper… I thought it was excellent.”

Check out the amazing audition for yourself and then comment on Bam Bam. Might he even be cuter than Riley Curry?!?