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Clinically-speaking, what constitutes "half a virgin?"

I don’t watch full episodes of Lifetime’s The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition, but I do enjoy the clips.  There’s just enough for me to soak in before I realize I’m watching garbage.

In a sneak peak of March 25th’s episode, Courtney Stodden had a glass of wine – enough to make her black out – and immediately felt right at home with her co-stars.

Stodden teetered into a room with Bad Girls Club‘s Natalie Nunn to gossip.

"I really don’t know the story about Courtney," Nunn said in her one-on-one. "During cocktail hour, she seems like a lost child with two big balloons leading her."

Nunn asked Stodden, 21, if her sex life with husband Doug Hutchison was going well.

"It’s really good," Stodden said.

Talk naturally went to her virginity prior to tying the knot with Hutchison in 2011. 

"I was half a virgin," a tipsy Stodden joked.

Heidi Montag jumped in and joked to Nunn, "I say, ‘Did someone half stick it in?’"

What a lark!

Stodden and her mother, Krista Keller have gotten a lot of airtime on the series; Keller revealed that she developed feelings for Hutchison.

"I admitted that I told your husband that I loved him," Keller told her daughter.

"She fell in love with my husband," Courtney told cameras during their interview. "A mom isn’t supposed to do that."