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Over the past several months, we’ve seen Rob Kardashian slowly and surely come out of his shell.

He’s been sharing messages and photos on Instagram. He’s been participating in Snapchat videos. He’s been seemingly happy and normal and content with Blac Chyna as his girlfriend.

Photo via Instagram

But now Blac Chyna is his fiancee.

Heck, now Blac Chyna is pregnant and set to be the mother of his child.

So, in response, now Rob is actually speaking on camera for the first time in over two years.

The monumental event took place on the red carpet of Blac Chyna’s Chymoji launch in Hollywood, as Rob was asked by E! News’ Zuri Hall about becoming a father.

Is he nervous? Anxious? How would he describe his emotions?

"I mean, it’s my first time, so everything is exciting, literally," Rob says in the following video, adding:

"I’m happy and [I’d] just like to keep it, you know, keep it private…as private as can be."

So there you have it: Rob Kardashian is literally excited and Rob Kardashian says in footage that will be viewed by millions of people that he wants to keep the pregnancy and parenthood stuff private.

This red carpet appearance marked the first time Rob and Chyna have been together in front of the press since telling the world they are expecting.

It’s a revelation that has stunned the gossip world to its core, not to mention having a major effect on Kim Kardashian and company.

In the following Q&A, Blac Chyna is actually asked whether Kim has offered her any sort of pregnancy advice, having given birth herself just a few months ago.

Click PLAY for Chyna’s answer.

Elsewhere on the red carpet, Blac Chyna said she feels "blessed" that she is yet to experience any strange cravings, while Rob says his favorite Blac Chyna emoji is any that features "money."

Well… okay then.

At least he didn’t say the one of Blac Chyna slapping Kylie Jenner, we guess.

Watch Rob actually speak out below: