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This is either going to be super awesome or horrifically creepy.

Perhaps a bit of both.

Christina Aguilera is reportedly slated to perform a duet with a hologram of the late Whitney Houston on The Voice, a source tells Entertainment Tonight.

Rumors surfaced that Houston’s hologram would make an appearance on the show last week, but so far, Aguilera admits nothing.

"I am sworn to secrecy," she said.

"I can’t say anything, but I’m very excited about the finale. Very exciting things happening."

NBC declined to comment as well.

Houston, who has been nicknamed "THE Voice," is regarded as one of the greatest singers ever to live, as coaches on the singing competition are often heard repeating.

Contestants who perform Houston songs do so at their own peril, as the coaches are quick to compare and scrutinize, usually unfavorably.

However, Aguilera is also highly respected for her talent and is considered by many to be one of the greatest living vocalists.

Putting these two together could result in an immaculate harmony of runs and high notes, but fans aren’t necessarily thrilled.

"No disrespect to Christina Aguilera, but why is a Whitney Houston hologram not just Whitney by herself? Is NBC paying for it or something?" wrote one critic on Twitter.

"Can people not sing Whitney Houston songs or even sing with a hologram of her please. It will never sound good," tweeted another.

Black Twitter also expressed its displeasure with the pairing.

"Whitney Houston’s hologram in my opinion should be sang with by a black woman IMO. But that’s just me. Don’t @ me," wrote one user.

Two years ago, Michael Jackson’s hologram made its debut, and fans raved at how real it appeared.

But the Jackson’s holographic rendering performed solo.

We have to wonder if it would have received the same backlash if Justin Timberlake appeared alongside the King of Pop’s image.