Rita Ora Recreates 'Mean Girls' Dance, Shakes Her Boobies

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LOVE Magazine has put together their own version of an Advent calendar.

I don't know what it means, which signifies that I'm a beige cardigan-wearing basic bitch who can't understand a good art story.

While I grapple with the notion that I'm old and lame, LOVE released their Day 12 feature, starring Rita Ora.

Ora dressed in a patent-leather two piece costume and recreated the "Jingle Bell Rock" scene from Mean Girls.  

Taking a page from Gretchen Weiners, Ora accidentally knocked over the stereo mid-dance, and forced herself to save the performance by singing and shimmying to the beat.

Other stars featured in the magazine's Advent calendar are Alessandra Ambrosio, Emily Ratajkowski, Kris and Kendall Jenner, and Miranda Kerr.

Kris Jenner's might be my favorite of the bunch, only because it's reminiscent of her failed photoshoot from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Ora's second album will debut in 2016, which she's hoping to will be received well in the US.

“It has a darker, more sexual tone to it,” Ora told Refinery 29.  “And I guess it’s more blunt.”

This album has been seven years in the making, which Ora has described as a "bit of a battle."

"With the first record, we didn’t expand to the United States. Label-wise, they said, it wasn’t the right time. I was only 19 or 20, and I was so excited to be making music and performing live. I didn’t know better.

"But now I do. I told them, ‘Look, I just want to release my album everywhere.’ Everybody thinks that they know best. But I won the battle."

For now, it's all about finishing "Jingle Bell Rock" with her dignity in tact.

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