Rebecca Parrot BLASTS Abuse Rumors: Zied Would Never Hurt Me!

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In real time, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way stars Deavan and Jihoon have just suffered a miscarriage. Reality stars can have real problems.

On the show, their castmate Rebecca Parrot is grappling with what fans believe may be a situation of physical abuse from Zied Hakimi.

Rebecca is now speaking out and addressing fans directly.

Rebecca Parrot Speaks Out on Instagram

On Sunday, TLC aired an alarming preview for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

In the video, fans believed that they saw Zied forcefully jerk Rebecca towards him, and fans raised the alarm about abuse.

Many had been worried for Rebecca from the start, and they know that, statistically, bisexual women are more likely to be abused by a male partner.

"Zied grabbing Rebecca by the neck is a huge red flag," wrote one fan. "That’s abusive behavior used to exert dominance."

"Another abusive situation Rebecca and [Zied]," another tweet lamented.

Zied Scowls at Rebecca

Alongside a video of her conveying the same message, Rebecca is trying to clear the air on social media.

"I need to make something VERY CLEAR," Rebecca's impassioned caption begins.

"Zied has NEVER been abusive," she announces.

Rebecca then affirms: "Zied would NEVER be abusive."

"This is dangerous to make light of and it needs to stop now," she expresses.

Rebecca Looks Worried

She does, however, recognize why people now have this impression o Zied.

"I understand that the preview was misleading," Rebecca acknowledges.

"However the scene in its full entirety was very clear!" she assures her followers.

Rebecca explains: "Zied was apologizing to me and I was the one who pulled away from him."

"I was angry," she clarifies. "Not Zied."

Zied is Smoking

"As an abuse survivor in previous relationships, I would never allow this,"

"and would never make excuses for it."

"In addition, TLC and Sharp Entertainment would not only not have allowed it, but would not have aired it."

Is she sure about that? TLC has certainly aired multiple abusers across various shows.

And we seem to recall Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava striking her husband in the face on camera. That was domestic violence. That aired.

Rebecca Smokes at a Bar

"It is dangerous to make accusations like this," Rebecca expresses.

She continues: "and make it look like I’m making excuses."

"As there are women watching in actually dangerous relationships," Rebecca accurately guesses.

She worries that these are women "that think if I’m staying with this man, it’s okay for them to."

"It is never okay to be in any relationship that is even slightly abusive," Rebecca affirms.

Rebecca Parrott Selfie

"Reality tv likes to create drama, and did that with the preview," Rebecca explains.

"The scene in its entirety," she emphasizes. "Clearly shows Zied was not being abusive in ANY way."

Rebecca concludes: "Be responsible with your accusations. "

That is very good and important advice for anyone.

We will keep in mind that it's the right thing to keep an eye out for abuse -- verbal, emotional, fiancial, physical, or sexual -- just about everywhere.

There are a lot of monsters in this world. Rebecca just wants you to know that Zied is not one of them.

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