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This Sunday, the world was stunned to learn that Kim Kardashian was high when she and Ray J made their sex tape.

This isn’t an unconfirmed report — Kim herself announced it on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

But there’s a twist: Ray J is saying that it isn’t true.

Kim Kardashian Rocks a Tank Top

In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian was chatting with Scott Disick and Kendall Jenner.

Scott has done everything wrong ever and Kendall is pretty chill, so it’s a rare judgment-free zone for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

"I got married on ecstasy," Kim revealed.

"I did ecstasy once and I got married," she said, referring to her first marriage in 2000.

"I did it again and I made a sex tape," Kim said of the sex tape that helped make her entire family famous.

As Kim characterizes it: "Like everything bad would happen."

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Well, TMZ reports that sources close to Ray J insist that it’s just not true.

Specifically, these insiders claim that Kim took no (hard) drugs and also did not consume any alcohol during the filming of the sex tape.

They do acknowledge that Kim smoked some pot around that time.

People knew that already, since the world saw that dong-shaped-bong.

You see something like that and it’s hard to forget.

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As you may recall, Kim cited as evidence that her jaw was moving and grinding throughout the sex tape.

(MDMA is notorious for causing people to grind their teeth, which is why pacifier necklaces are a common accessory for raves)

However, the sources close to Ray J offer a different explanation.

Ray J’s insiders claim that "her lip was quivering because she was getting f–ked."

Well, that’s certainly another explanation.

And it technically conforms to occam’s razor, though the same logical shortcut tells us that Kim is likely telling the truth.

Kim Kardashian Gives a Stare

As TMZ correctly points out, there is clearly no possible reason for Kim to be fabricating this.

Kim isn’t going to get any more cool points for having done molly a couple of times.

Especially since her experience amounts to almost an anti-drug PSA.

At the same time, however, what does Ray J have to gain by denying it, even indirectly?

What purpose does it serve for him to grumble to his entourage (and have them leak it to TMZ) that he doesn’t think that Kim was on X?

Kim Kardashian... in a Panic?

We think, however, that we’ve figured out why Ray J doesn’t like this announcement.

TMZ‘s sources say that he’s offended by the suggestion.

Some might hear that Kim was rolling molly at the time and wonder if she was fully capable of consent.

Kim did seem to joke that neither her marriage nor the sex tape would have occurred had she been 100% sober at those times.

It seems more likely that Kim took ecstacy in anticipation of the planned activities, from banging Ray J to her ill-fated first marriage.

No one is accusing Ray J of anything here, folks.

And we think that Kim’s recent history has shown that she clearly doesn’t need to be under the influence to make a mistake.