Raven Gates: Skating on Thin Ice on The Bachelor Finale!

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Raven Gates is one of the two final ladies standing on The Bachelor finale, and the gravity of the situation is starting to weigh on her.

Quite literally. She's having trouble staying on her feet.

That's So Raven (Gates)

We're not going to give away The Bachelor spoilers and tell you if Raven is about to put a final rose victory on ice ... so to speak.

But in the latest season finale sneak peek, she has trouble ice-skating and most likely hits the ice on more than one occasion.

The Monday, March 13, episode - the season's last - shows Viall, 36, surprising Gates, 25, by taking her to a frozen pond in Finland.

On their final one-on-one outing, the stakes are high.

So are the skates, in what becomes a throwback to a simpler time earlier this season when they joined Nick's sister Bella to go roller-skating.

"Since skating is our thing. I thought we'd do a bit of ice-skating," Viall, totally spontaneously and with no imput from producers tells Gates.

Raven Gates, Nick Viall GIF

After they put on their blades, he ups the ante.

"Should we do a routine?" Nick asks Raven.

The boutique owner from Hoxie, Arkansas, then reveals to the cameras that it's been a bit of a challenge to relax throughout the outing.

Because the end is near, after all, win or lose.

Vanessa Grimaldi is also in the running for Viall's final rose, so like Nick himself knows well, it could end up a case of so close, yet so far.

Raven Gates could be the biggest loser.

"Of course, I'm nervous knowing that this week could be the week that changes my life forever," Gates says, but she did enjoy the moment.

Not like that moment ... but still.

Raven Gates Orgasm

"Being on the ice-skating rink brings me back to the moment that I fell in love with Nick on the roller-skating rink. It's coming full circle."

Indeed it is. But will it end well?

Previous teasers of the emotional season finale show our leading man dealing with stress by ... getting stressed and crying about it.

Pretty standard for Nick Viall.

The Bachelor season finale trailer also teased that the After the Final Rose special on Monday night would include a "Bachelor first."

Of course, you take that with a grain of salt. It could refer to the color of Chris Harrison's tie, from the way the show likes to hype itself.

Maybe Raven Gates orgasms for the first time (off camera of course) and proceeds to tell us how incredibly awesome Nick is in bed?

That would be a first.

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