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Vanessa Grimaldi or Raven Gates? The Bachelor spoilers have told us how this epic season ends for months, and soon we’ll know for sure.

In this season finale preview, however, it looks like Nick Viall was confused, worried and unsure about the decision at hand until the end.

A Viall Selfie
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After giving roses to Raven and Vanessa and setting Rachel Lindsay free to be The Bachelorette on last night’s episode, the end is near.

Is Nick still hedging as to who he’ll propose to, though?

“I came here to find a love that I’ve never felt before and a love that has the strength to last a lifetime,” Viall says in the preview clip.

“So now, I feel lucky because I’m so in love."

The only problem, of course, is that he’s fallen for two special people and when it comes to The Bachelor winner, there can be only one.

One rose, and Neil Lane ring, to rule them all.

Nick’s optimism is also dampened by the fact that his previous Bachelor franchise experiences with love have ended in heartbreak.

Not for the women involved, but for him.

Nick Viall and Raven Gates on The Bachelor
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“I’m in love with these two women, but I’ve been incredibly terrified because I was very much in love with Andi and Kaitlyn," he says.

“And I was really heartbroken both times."

"And I’m terrified that will happen again.”

Viall made back-to-back finales of The Bachelorette only to watch Andi Dorfman (2014) and Kaitlyn Bristowe (2015) chose the other suitor.

Part of him is therefore knows he’ll be breaking someone’s heart imminently, while also wondering if his decision will be the right one.

Nick’s fears clearly manifest themselves throughout the final episode, as he brings up these concerns about the women and the process.

His family serves as the sounding board.

Vanessa Grimaldi with Nick Viall
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“There’s no denying how confident I was with Andi and Kaitlyn in the moment,” he admits, adding that he’s scared about what must be done.

“So I think I would be lying if I were to make some grand answer how different this is [or will know] once I make that decision.”

"All I have to do is figure out which one I feel in my heart is best for me and I hope and pray that they will feel the same way."

Doesn’t make it any easier. Nick adds:

“It’s very hard to comprehend how strong I feel for each of these women, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen and I’m running out of time."

Who do you think it will be?

Share your hopes – and predictions, which may be different – in the comments below and watch the emotional preview for the finale: