Vanessa Grimaldi Brings Nick Viall, Family to Tears in The Bachelor Sneak Peek

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"I have never been proposed to, I've never been engaged. I take this very seriously." - Vanessa Grimaldi to Bachelor Nick Viall's family

While The Bachelor spoilers have shed plenty of light on Nick's journey so far, you don't need any inside scoop to tell you this much:

Things get emotional by this point in every season.

Vanessa Grimaldi on the Finale

Viall's final pair of contenders, Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi, are headed on home to Wisconsin to spend time with Nick's family.

If things weren't getting real before, they are now.

In the sneak preview clip below, fans get an early glimpse of just how open Vanessa is with Nick's parents, and how they react to her.

Spoiler alert: She is a big, big hit with them.

"I have never been proposed to, I've never been engaged, so I take this very seriously," Grimaldi tells Nick's dad, adding that she loves Viall.

Grimaldi is as sweet as they come, and when his father asks "love is enough" ... the waterworks are turned on, and turned up in a hurry.

Guess we know where Nick gets it; Viall's dad is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and let the tears flow on camera, either.

Nick's Dad Cries

As for whether Nick proposes to Grimaldi or Gates, and whether the lucky recipient of the Neil Lane engagement ring accepts the thing?

That much remains to be seen.

On last week's penultimate episode, Viall and Grimaldi had what she described as "heavy" discussions over their potential future together.

She's from Canada, while Viall lives in Los Angeles, making the prospect of building a life together daunting, all of their chemistry aside.

When Vanessa asked Nick to move to Canada, hypothetically, his response was lukewarm at best (a proud American, dude ... really?).

Many have speculated that Nick has been bitten by the fame bug and is doomed to fail with whomever he gives the final rose to Monday.

They may be short-changing him.

Nick Viall Crying

While there's no doubt Nick loves attention, she's also been open about trying to find love like he's never felt before - even if it scares him.

That's as real as it gets, people.

At the show's Women Tell All taping, Viall teased that the finale "dramatic," and would only say that he is "maybe" engaged right now.

We've been promised a Bachelor first on the finale, which some have speculated to mean he is already married, or may wed on TV.

We'll find out soon enough whether the 36-year-old Nick chooses Grimaldi or Raven Gates, and what the status of their romance is. 

In the meantime, watch the clip:

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