Pumpkin Gender Reveal: Lauryn Shannon is Having a…

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As previously reported, Lauryn Shannon is pregnant with her first child.

The former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star and recurring family member on Mama June: From Not to Hot is only 17 years old and is expecting either a boy or a girl with rumored fiance Josh Efird.

Actually, we're about to amend that sentence:

We now know what Shannon is having!

its Lauryn Shannon

In a video meant to tease Mama June: From Not to Hot Season 2, which premieres in January, the young woman known as “Pumpkin” sits down to eat a cupcake.

Based on the color of the cream inside, she'll find out whether she's having a girl (pink) or a boy (blue).

“I kind of want a girl because, of course, another me, duh!” Shannon says in the footage below, prior to making her baby's gender reveal.

Will she get her wish? Will she have a tiny version of herself in a few months?

Lauryn Shannon on TV


“I think Alana’s going to flip her shit because, you know, she’s the baby girl of the family, and now she’s not going to be no more," Shannon says after reacting in excitement over the pink frosting discovery.

Pumpkin goes on to explain the one drawback to having a daughter, while laughing and telling viewers:

“I don’t think you guys are ready for another little me!” 

Lauryn Shannon Gender Reveal Pic

That may very well be true.

But it looks like we'll have no say in the matter.

Watch Shannon's full, cupcake-based gender reveal below:

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