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Some 90 Day Fiance fans admire Paola Mayfield’s thirst traps, others mom-shame her for taking them.

But just about everyone is exhausted with the deeply weird conspiracy theories that she buys into.

A few of them are dangerous. Most of them are just … bizarre.

Now, she’s signalling that she’s taking a break from spouting utter lunacy … and fans are rejoicing.

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Paola Mayfield realized that she was late to a semi-recent TikTok trend, the #bussitchallenge.

The trend essentially involves changing outfits — a glow up — mid dance or mid spin.

In Pao’s case, she went from at-home casual wear to something a little more tantalizing.

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Her sexy outfit wasn’t just for the benefit of her TikTok followers, however.

Russ was sprawled on the floor below her.

So she lowered, bumping and grinding above his lap before he pulled her in for an embrace on his lap. It was a very sweet moment.

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But it was the next TikTok video that Paola shared — both merged into a back-to-back video on Instagram, as included in this post — that raised interest instead of dropping jaws.

Paola, clad in a shimmery robe, emerged from a room and appeared to notice applause.

She enjoyed the applause from the unseen, imaginary audience.

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But what stood out about this TikTok was the caption that Pao herself placed upon the video.

"When she decided to take a break from politics and conspiracy," the caption reads, with a laughing emoji.

She appears to be hinting either that she is going to stop spewing nonsense on social media, or at least that she knows that fans want her to.

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Paola appears to be a victim of misinformation and hysteria — two things seen all too often in an age of too much information where both education and news media often fail their audiences.

Most infamously, she has expressed alarming views of vaccine hesitancy, sharing that she and Russ have been curating which vaccines Axel receives.

Barring medical necessity, like a compromised immune system or an allergy, skipping vaccines is unwise and dangerous. Neither Pao nor Russ have medical degrees.

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Paola has posted blatant, widely debunked misinformation about wearing masks, which is of course very dangerous during this pandemic.

She has claimed in her Instagram Stories that wearin ga mask and "rebreathing" your own carbon dioxide is a health hazard.

The entire scientific and medical community has dismissed those lies, but so has everyone who has worn a mask. That’s just not how masks work.

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One fan’s pleas for Pao to stop spreading covidiotic claims, citing how her own son had suffered horribly from COVID-19, had no effect on the 90 Day Fiance alum.

"I’m sorry, but this virus has a recovery of more than 90%, so please stop forcing others to live in fear," Paola replied. (More than 456 thousand Americans have died from COVID in under a year)

That was callous, irresponsible, and frankly more than a little stupid. Paola has insisted that she will avoid COVID maskless, by eating healthily and getting sunlight. Brainrot.

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At one point, Paola shared a post about noted philanthropist Bill Gates discussing the importance of mass producing the vaccine for COVID.

Paola replied "Not today, Satan."

It is unclear if she was simply expressing her unscientific fear of vaccines, or if she buys into more "sinister" conspiracy theories about the COVID vaccine and Bill Gates.

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Paola also made the unimaginable choice to … attack nurses during the pandemic, criticizing videos that frontline medical workers have made.

This had a lot of fans very angry, and justifiably so.

It’s a shame, because Pao has so many likeable qualities. It is a shame that she has been made a victim of … nonsense.

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In the meantime, fans have contacted various businesses that have worked with Paola, citing her unhinged posts.

Paola has complained, characterizing the situation as people coming after her "because I think different."

Thinking differently is great! Being provably, horrifically wrong about vital healthcare matters during a pandemic is dangerous.

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Paola is making poor choices for herself and using her platform to promote those mistakes. That is bad.

However, Pao and Russ have recently hinted that they will be returning to the 90 Day Fiance franchise in some form.

Fans hope that TLC will mandate that Pao stop spreading dangerous misinformation. Perhaps she is stopping, and this is why. For now, we can only guess.