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While Austen Kroll came right out and called Madison LeCroy a "monster," some reality stars have subtler jabs.

Madison has made Kristin Cavallari a target for weeks — since before her alleged emotional affair was exposed.

Now, Kristin has all of the ammunition that she needs to shade Madison into oblivion.

Don’t worry — she’s not holding back.

Madison LeCroy is in the hotseat over claims that she had some sort of … entanglement … with A-Rod, Alex Rodriguez.

Alex is a sports player so famous that even non-sports people have heard of him, largely because of his engagement to Jennifer Lopez.

Madison has spent weeks feuding with Kristin Cavallari over the latter’s friendship with Austen Kroll. Now? Kristin has the ammo to fire back.

Kristin’s BFF, Justin Anderson, shared a workout video of the two of them enjoying the outdoors.

"A little thursday motivation for you lovies," his caption to the video, which we have included in this post, began.

"Life is all about the hard work and the HUSTLE!" Justin wrote. "Don’t rely on luck to bring you what you want out of life."

There’s nothing inherently shady or Madison related in that caption — nor in the video itself.

The shade lies in the soundtrack, which was edited in after the fact.

Justin’s video had "Let’s Get Loud," a J Lo song, playing.

Madison LeCroy Southern Charm Picture

He even added the audio to an Instagram Story that he shared.

So long as you can still see, you can never really have too much shade, right?

Justin may have been the one to post all of this, but this is clearly Kristin’s move — and it’s fun to watch.

Justin Anderson, Kristin Cavallari, Austen Kroll, Craig Conover in Nashville

See, Kristin and Austen are friends. The two of them, and Justin, have been seen hanging out since Austen’s final, bitter breakup with Madison.

Austen and Kristin aren’t dating. They’re friends.

But it seems clear that Madison, who has mocked Kristin since that friendship went public, still resents their association.

Madison’s clapback at kristin came in the form of rumors that she was dating Kristin’s ex, Jay Cutler.

Jay and Kristin had to make coordinated Instagram posts to make it clear that he and Madison are not together.

In the process, they called Madison a "user." She did not like that one bit.

Cavallari and Cutler

Madison retaliated by sharing a boatload of Jay’s alleged text messages, leaking them alongside a photo that appeared to show them on a date.

According to her, she was sad that it didn’t work out.

But she clearly did not like being called a "liar" and was willing to do whatever was necessary to defend herself.

At the Reunion, Craig Conover went all out on Madison, accusing her of dating an "ex-MLB" player.

(Thank you, Danni Baird, for asking what that meant so that none of us had to google it — it’s a baseball player)

The baseball player named in the alleged emotional affair was later revealed to be A-Rod, making J Lo music the perfect way to shade Madison.