Kylie Jenner Shows Off Stormi, Body ... and Engagement Ring!?

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Below, you'll see that Kylie Jenner's baby bump is gone as she flaunts her post-baby bod in a sexy video.

Kylie wasn't done sharing, however. She also posted photos of herself holding sweet baby Stormi. And yes, we get a much better look at the precious baby who just turned 1 month old.

And ... is that a ring on her left hand?

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster

Oh my goodness!

As revealed when Kylie announced that she'd welcomed her baby girl, Stormi Webster was born February 1st.

Thursday was March 1st, meaning that Stormi has been alive for one month.

(Yes, we know that February is the shortest month and that a difference of a few days is a huge portion of little Stormi's life at this point ... but whatever, a month is a month)

Thursday evening, Kylie posted these precious photos of herself cradling Stormi, captioning the pics:

"My angel baby is 1 month old today."

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster, Close Up

This photo gives fans and Kylie's 104,000,000 Instagram followers a closer look at her and at her adorable baby.

While it's not exactly a close-up on the little one's face, it's certainly a closer look than Kylie gave when she revealed her daughter's first photo (and that her name is Stormi).

We can see the side of Stormi's face and her cute little cheeks as she rests in her mommy's arms.

Some might say that Kylie looks, age-wise, more like Stormi's babysitter or young aunt, but that's just because they're accustomed to seeing her as a young aunt and also as a child, because she grew up in front of America's eyes.

Well, also, she only just turned 20 late last year. She's genuinely young to be a mom.

Speaking of Kylie's youth and milestones ... do you notice her left hand?

A lot of fans did. She seems to be sporting a ring.on the finger where an engagement ring or wedding band would normally go.

Are she and Travis Scott engaged? Secretly married?

Or ... is she just wearing a ring on that finger. Kylie's demonstrated in the past that she doesn't mind wearing a ring on that finger.

Kylie Jenner and Baby Stormi

These photos are precious, and it's surely only a matter of time before we see more of Stormi Webster.

Maybe even her own face. For now, we'll have to live on that side-view of her chubby little baby cheeks.

(Yes, babies are a huge responsibility but they are so cute)

However, Kylie's providing other material to her fans and followers that should keep everyone entertained.

See, Kylie's been showing off her post-baby body.

As huge as her baby bump looked in that secret pregnancy video she shared, it's now disappeared.

Kylie's Belly

That's right, folks.

In a pair of very short videos posted to her Instagram story, Kylie showed off her flat tummy in a black crop top.

She's back in business, folks.

(And not a moment too soon -- if she wants to beat Kim in the race to billionaire status)

You can see these videos, back-to-back, below.

Kylie Jenner, Post-Pregnancy

Some fans may be frustrated by how little they've seen of Stormi, but Kylie's drawing a clear line between her standard content -- mostly, you know, photos and videos of her -- and her baby.

Stormi is not a fashion accessory, she's a tiny little person. Or, she will be eventually. She's really new.

Point is, it's great that Kylie's being reserved about showing off her baby.

Just like it's great that Kylie is back to flaunting her gorgeous body.

As you can see here:

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