North West to Paparazzi: I Said No Pictures!

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The following video is both hilarious and depressing.

It's hilarious because it features a two-year old girl, wearing a tutu and walking across the parking lot to enter the building for ballet class.

She's surrounded by a group of photographers, snapping away wildly as if this is anything remotely worthwhile, only to snap right back at them with the following quote:

I said no pictures.

Yes, you tell 'em, North West. Amazing.

But it's depressing for all the same reasons we just listed above.

It would be one (still pretty lame) thing if these so-called journalists were trying to get shots of Kim Kardashian because, sadly, the public does have an appetite for Kim Kardashian.

But she wasn't there. North was being led into class by a nanny. 

So this poor toddler can't live any kind of normal life, not at any time, not when simply attending the kind of class all little kids attend, without cameras being shoved in her face.

Is this just the price of fame? Should we not pity a child whose parents are rich and famous and who will grow up without ever wanting anything?

Sure, plenty of kids around the world have it a lot worse off than North West. We can't trying to claim otherwise.

But go ahead and view this footage. Look at that adorable, poor child, waddling around in her tutu and having to deal with a bunch of adults who have nothing better to do with their time than stand around in a parking lot... take pictures of a child... and sell those pictures to the highest bidder.

North is cute and hysterical here. But the situation still gets us down.

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