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In early September, Colton Underwood was confirmed as the next Bachelor, and everyone has an opinion on it. He’s a polarizing choice.

Former Bachelors Ben Higgins and Nick Viall are weighing in on the pick in a new interview.

They’re concerned for Colton and say that this experience will "eat him alive."

Ben Higgins Cries

As you’ll see in the video that we’ve included, Ben and Nick spoke to Entertainment Tonight.

"I think we’re going to see him struggle," Ben predicts.

Ben continues: "I think it’s going to be a very authentic journey of, like, struggling, success, failure, lot of tears."

Colton is an emotionally expressive person, and he experienced a lot of heartache. That isn’t his problem, though, but Ben has an idea of what is.

"The problem is," Ben assesses. "He’s pretty indecisive."

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Nick Viall also weighs in.

"I was surprised by the choice," Nick admits. "But I also think, kind of to Ben’s point, I mean I get why they picked him."

"Colton, by his own admission, has mentioned that he’s got a very limited dating life," Nick says.

He’ll clarify his meaning in a moment — because he definitely doesn’t mean that as a jab at Colton.

"I’ll be interested to see how that kind of plays out in the season," Nick says.

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"I’m not specifically talking about his virginity and things like that," Nick emphasizes.

Colton Underwood’s virginity is a game-changer for the franchise, and could really change parts of the show’s dynamic.

Nick isn’t focused on that, "but just dating in general," he says.

Colton’s relative inexperience with dating and rejection could really make things different.

"And to Ben’s point," Nick continues. "He does have to be decisive."

Colton Underwood Picture

"It’s very difficult to be the Bachelor and go through that process," Nick explains.

"It’s that much more difficult post filming to try to, you know, protect that relationship," Nick shares. "And kind of go through some of the trials and tribulations that kind of come with the show."

Nick repeats: "It’ll be curious to see how Colton handles that with limited dating experience in general."

"Everybody takes it very seriously, in terms of their desire to hopefully meet someone and fall in love, because there’s a lot of pressure that comes from [being] the Bachelor," Nick adds.

"You feel that pressure going through the process," Nick says. "And that part can eat you alive."

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"It destroyed me,” Ben admits about his role on The Bachelor and what followed.

“I was always on edge, I was always waiting for something to erupt and occur that caused havoc in the house," Ben explains. "And I just didn’t allow myself to be kind of, like, at peace."

His relationship with Lauren Bushnell famously fell apart. A huge factor was nonstop scrutiny by cameras that followed them even after they became engaged.

"I hope he’s able to do that," Ben says. "But it is emotionally taxing."

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Nick Viall seems to agree with Ben’s take on the experience and process.

"I’ve never been the same," Nick says.

"I never will be the same," Ben affirms.

Well … if you wanted to be the Bachelor before this interview, we imagine that you may have second thoughts.

We’ll all find out together exactly how well Colton does.