N.J. Man Charged with Fraud After HILARIOUS Fake Slip-and-Fall at Work: WATCH!

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A New Jersey man is facing charges after he was caught on film faking a slip-and-fall incident at work.

A lot of crime videos are appalling and deeply disturbing; this one is genuinely hilarious, which is why we've included it.

You're welcome.

Alexander Goldinsky Slip-and-Fall Pic

The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office released this video of security footage in which a man identified as Alexander Goldinsky can be seen.

The video originates from the man's workplace breakroom.

Throughout the video, he appears to be constantly checking his surroundings to make sure that there are no witnesses.

Then, he can be seen filling up a cup with ice from an automated dispenser.

New Jersey Man Slip and Fall 01

Once Goldinsky has the cup of ice, he spills the cubes onto the floor.

Presumably, his intention was to make it appear that others had left the cubes sitting there on the slick surface of the floor.

Noticeably, the break room does not appear to have a non-stick mat in front of the machine, though many establishments would.

(Non-stick mats can reduce the risk of falls and may also be designed to trap water to contain spills like the one that this man fabricates.)

In any case, he sizes up the cubes, taking a look at where they have fallen, and prepares his next move.

New Jersey Man Slip and Fall 02

His next move is not actually to fall, but to move onto his back, leaning into the counter as he does so.

This might make it appear that he has fallen, especially when he first steps upon one of the ice cubes.

By positioning himself carefully, he clearly hopes to avoid actually injuring himself while falling.

The downside of this is that it requires no witnesses (but also less physical risk and less skill).

Also, there would not be a thud of falling to attract people's attention.

Once on the ground, Goldinsky knew that he had to wait to be found.

New Jersey Man Slip and Fall 03

Suffice it to say, it didn't work out. Security cameras captured this hilarity and 57-year-old resident of Randolph, New Jersey was arrested on January 15.

He is charged with both insurance fraud and with theft by deception.

The company that he attempted to defraud is located in Woodbridge, New Jersey, but has not been identified by name.

He is said to have worked there as an independent contractor.

New Jersey on a map

Police say that this case remains an active investigation, and are hoping that members of the public will contact them with any relevant information.

(We can only guess that they are wondering if this man has sued other establishments for alleged falls.)

For his part, Goldinsky claims to CBS that "I didn't do it, it was a mistake."

Prosecutors, however, say that the video speaks for itself.

On the surface, this is either a cynical crime or a genuinely entertaining video. Maybe a little of both. You tell us!

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