NeNe Leakes: I Hate These Bishes! Bring Back Kim Zolciak!

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Just last year, Kim Zolciak enjoyed a hefty raise from Bravo despite no longer being a Real Housewife.

Suddenly, her former enemy NeNe Leakes is clamoring to have Kim returning to RHOA. What's going on?

Kim Zolciak, Andy Cohen, and NeNe Leakes Selfie

Andy Cohen conducted remote aftershow for The Real Housewives of Atlanta with everyone video conferencing.

Chatting with Eva Marcille and Kenya Moore, he brings up Kenya's archrival, NeNe Leakes.

He observes that NeNe has been pushing for Kim Zolciak to return to the series.

That's a little odd, considering that they were once bitter enemies.

Kim Zolciak Snaps a Lip Filler Selfie

As you can see in the video that we have included, Eva is positively baffled by NeNe's change of heart.

"Andy, I have not been around as long as a lot of these girls on Housewives," she acknowledges.

Eva remarks: "though I had been in the business."

"What I do know about NeNe and Kim was the first season I came on, they were enemies,” she recalls correctly.

Eva Marcille Blasts Claims That She's Broke

“They were finding roaches in each other’s house," Eva correctly remembers.

As fans may recall, Brielle Biermann, Kim's young adult daughter, claimed to have discovered roaches in NeNe's home.

NeNe absolutely flipped her s--t, going off on Kim and accusing Brielle of smuggling the roaches in via her vagina.

That was years ago, but it still stuck in people's minds -- mine and Eva's, at least.

Eva Marcille Hits Out

"Nene went on this huge rampage," Eva continues.

"I mean," she emphasizes, "despising this woman."

NeNe is not known for being especially nuanced when it comes to her views of her castmates.

"The moment that she doesn’t get along with her coworkers," Eva observes, "now she wants [Kim] back."

Kenya Moore with B Necklace

For her part, Kenya claims that she "just don’t put any energy into things that she says or does" when it comes to NeNe.

"I mean, she’s just an idiot to me," she remarks.

Kenya continues to insult NeNe: "and just very low-brow and has zero class and no brain at all."

Ouch. It's no surprise to hear her say that, but still ... it's like she can't help herself.

Kenya Moore, Glowing Selfie

“So, I just don’t put any energy into it, honestly," Kenya reiterates after listing a litany of insults.

She adds: "I would be looking for my brain cells around that I’ve lost for thinking about her."

Kenya's ongoing feud with NeNe has certainly caused both women a fair amount of distress.

But most would consider it worth the hefty paydays that come with being a Real Housewife.

Kim Zolciak Reaction Image

That said, some people have publicly stated that the feuds are too much, even for the hefty salaries that go with them.

Kim Zolciak left The Real Housewives of Atlanta after Season 10.

At the time, she was emphatically clear that she had no plans to return to the series.

After all, she has her own spinoff, Don't Be Tardy, about her family.

NeNe Leakes Reaction Image

However, NeNe has spoken recently about getting along with Kim.

Apparently, they do much better when they are not appearing on camera together.

Funny how the camera changes the content of what's being filmed, right?

"When we’re working together, we’re pulling wigs," NeNe characterized to Andy earlier this year.

NeNe Leakes Says Eff Kenya and Her Bad Skin, Okay?

Now, NeNe has been feuding left and right this season.

She did make peace with some castmates.

Others, like Kenya, she continues to openly despise.

Maybe Kim would be an interesting addition ... if Bravo goes for it ... and if Kim is down to return.

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