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Last week’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta was about Kandi Burruss’ marriage. This week’s was supposed to be about her baby shower.

Instead, NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore got into such a vicious fight at the shower that they had to be separated by security.

Kenya Moore with B Necklace
Photo via Instagram

The feud between NeNe and Kenya is far from new, but this episode’s drama was given a boost when Kenya did an interview with TMZ.

During the interview, Kenya claimed that NeNe "has very few friends."

She characterized her archrival as "absolutely a bully."

"I don’t take any kind of advice from NeNe," Kenya added, "definitely not about wigs."

Photo via Wendy Williams

Nene then spoke to her friend, Wendy Williams, whose voice was a guest star.

NeNe complained that NeNe should spend her time "saying something more positive than talking about me."

"She’s a bully her own self," NeNe accused.

Wendy did not disagree, but encouraged NeNe to avoid responding.

Photo via Bravo

"When a dog hollers at the moon, that’s normal. The big story is when the moon hollers back," Wendy said.

She continued: "NeNe, you’re the moon, don’t howl back."

"You’ve grown leaps and bounds," Wendy praised. "You are not going to fall into that rabbit hole with Kenya."

Spoiler alert: NeNe absolutely fell into that rabbit hole with Kenya.

NeNe Leakes Speaks at the Aftershow
Photo via Bravo

When NeNe brought up Kenya’s baby and questions about whether or not it was Kenya’s egg, Wendy pleaded for her to be cautious.

"Please don’t shoot that shot," Wendy begged, already too late.

"I’m not," NeNe claimed. "I’m happy for her to be a mother."

"If she found an egg outside up under a chicken," she quipped, "I think that’s great she had a baby."

NeNe Close-Up
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"Kenya’s marriage license has never ever been found by no one. She ain’t J.Lo, she ain’t Beyonce and they found theirs," NeNe continued.

"They’re not legally married," she claimed, "so there’s nothing to divorce. How about that."

"I heard it was a handshake and agreement that they had a baby and she paid for them," NeNe gossiped.

"But," she insisted, "I’m not anywhere talking about that, because that’s her business."

Marlo Hampton brought up the TMZ interview to Kenya, asking her if it was "fake."

"It’s not fake and you know it’s not fake," Kenya pointed out, "There’s video and you’ve seen it."

Meanwhile, NeNe was asked to clarify Kenya’s accusation that she had spit on Kenya while in Greece.

"No, I didn’t," NeNe insisted. "Let’s be clear, bully."

NeNe Leakes vs Kenya Moore at a Party
Photo via Bravo

Their tension erupted at Kandi’s baby shower, much to the host’s chagrin.

"This ain’t what you want," NeNe warned Kenya. "If I wanted to spit on you, you would know you’ve been spit on."

Kenya then sarcastically called her "Ms. Classy," then corrected her language, accusing NeNe of having "tried to spit on me."

"I didn’t try. Anything I want to do, I will do it," NeNe declared furiously.

NeNe Leakes' Eyes Widen in Anger
Photo via Bravo

"It’s gonna get dirty now!" NeNe shouted. "I ain’t gonna be what you want ladybug, you’re the real bully now."

"Don’t touch me, that ain’t gonna be what you want," NeNe declared. "You put your hand on me. You gonna need security."

Thankfully, security did come and separate both women. 

Kandi, with a tone of resignation, characterized the debacle: "My baby shower went from Hollywood glam to fight night.""